I like to use the Ethernet connection to control the 2701, but I also need to control another instrument at that location which is not Ethernet. How can I do that and still take advantage of the long distance benefit of the Ethernet communication?


A: If you are communicating with the 2701 over ethernet, then you can use the RS-232 port on the 2701 itself to control a RS-232 device. This is done by connecting the RS-232 connector on the 2701 to the RS-232 connector on the other device using a null modem cable. The RS-232 configuration must be the same on both devices.

Use the commands below to send and enter data over Ethernet and then out the RS-232 port of the 2701:




There are some timing considerations that must be taken into account when getting information from the other device through the 2701 and onto the Ethernet connection. Please refer to the VB6 example program that uses the 2701 to communicate with a 2400 SourceMeter for resistance measurements.