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Integra Series: 2701


Question : Can I use VISA to program the 2701 over ethernet (TCP/IP)?


In order to program the 2701 using SCPI commands sent over the VISA layer using Ethernet connection, you must add a termination character like a Line feed (LF) or a carriage return (CR).

For applications involving use of IVI drivers, you do not need to add any terminator unless you are using the low level KE2700_WriteInstrumentData function to send SCPI commands to Model 2701. With the KE2700 Write Instrument Data function you must add a terminator.

For example if using LabVIEW, you must concatenate the SCPI command string with a line feed (LF) or carriage return. This terminating character will allow the instrument to recognize that the end of the string has arrived. If using Visual Basic, you would add in a "vbcr" (Carriage Return) or a "vbLf" (Line Feed) to each SCPI command sent to the Model 2701.


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