Product(s): 776, 776/2.4G, 776/2.4G/R

Question:Can the Model 776/2.4G be converted Model 776/2.4G/R or visa versa?

Answer: No, the “Model” cannot be converted. However, the command protocol (DDC versus SCPI) can be converted with a firmware change. The command protocol, DDC (Device Dependant Commands) or SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instrumentation) can be converted both ways: from DDC to SCPI or from SCPI to DDC.

The firmware conversion addresses only the command protocol. It does not address the rear panel versus front panel inputs or factory default differences.

Firmware versions 1.X and 2.X can be installed in the field. Version 3.X and higher should contact Keithley for conversion information.

Contact your closest Keithley Service Center for return authorization and information on these firmware changes.

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