How can I solve a "Timeout error on device waiting for a C/T IRQ" Error?


Problem: It has come to our attention that the KPCI-3107 or KPCI-3108 boards with A08 version of firmware can have difficulty with driver loading on some Pentium computers faster than 1.8 GHz. The firmware chip has a version label and is a small 8 pin chip mounted in a socket directly above the large square AMCC chip near the center of the board.

The event log error message posted by the driver will be: timeout error on device waiting for a C/T IRQ.

Cause: during driver loading, DriverLINX will perform some diagnostic tests on the hardware and system. For example, it programs the board to generate an IRQ on FIFO half full and will start the board's A/D sampling. If an IRQ does not occur within an expected interval of time, the diagnostic algorithm will post an error to the event log and halt attempts to load the driver.

Apparently, on these faster CPUs the testing algorithm is not allowing sufficient time to elapse before concluding an error condition exists.

Resolution: Whether DriverLINX performs these diagnostic tests or not can be controlled by the 'Detect' check box on the Device tab in the DriverLINX Configuration Panel for the assigned device number. Remove the check from the Detect box and reboot. The driver will now load and the board will operate without any errors related to the false failures in the diagnostic tests.