Why do I get 'Pulse on-count > specified period' Error Message when using Burst Mode?

This error message from DriverLINX is indicating that the time required to carry out the burst mode scan is too long relative to the requested scan repeat rate specified by the period value.

Suppose the application requires sampling from 4 channels under burst mode and that these fast scans from the 4 channels will be repeated at some slower interval. In this case the number of pulses is 4. The onCount property controls how fast the burst across the 4 channels is carried out. The time represented by pulses x onCount must be less than the programmed repeat rate. There is also an additional 2 burst cycles required per scan. So the true relationship is pulses x onCount +2 < period.

See the sections titled 'Burst Generator: Internal Clocking' and 'Sample Averaging on the DAS-TC/B' in the Using DriverLINX with your DAS-TC/B Hardware guide (\drvlinx4\docs\notes\kdastc.pdf) for more information.