Product(s) :
Signal Conditioning/Accessories: ERB-24

PCI/ISA Plug-In Boards: PIO-24, KPCI-PIO24, KPCI-PIO96, KPCI-3160, KPCI-3107, KPCI-3108, KPCI-3130

Question : How can I control the relays of an ERB-24 with my Plug-In Board?

Answer: The digital I/O of these boards are configurable as inputs or outputs, but are inputs by default. In order to use them to control an ERB-24 or any other relay board, the digital I/O ports of the plug-in board need to be configured as output channels first.

This can be done dynamically from your program or statically in the DriverLINX Configuration Panel. However, adding the lines of code to your program to perform the channel configuration dynamically will give you a more robust implementation.

Several example programs, in a variety of programming languages are available in the download center of the Keithley web site.

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