When using the TCP/IP object of TestPoint's Internet Toolkit, I can not reconnect to my 2701 after the first successful connection.

An earlier release of the TCP/IP object did not properly close connections. Since the 2701 only allows one connection at a time, no new connections could be made since the former connection was still in effect. Power cycling the 2701 was the only way to distroy the old connection and allow a new one.

In November 2002, the TCP/IP object of the Internet Toolkit of TestPoint was updated (version 1.53). This can be downloaded from www.cec488.com : select TestPoint and then software upgrades. You should download version 1.53 or later.

Once you download the file, install the update. This will install the files into the TestPoint directory but will not install the updated object into the stock panel or to any existing programs. In order to make use of this new version of the object, you must copy the new object into the stock panel and into any existing programs that use the old TCP/IP object.

To replace an object in an existing application:

1) Open the new TCPIP.TST found in the \Testpt\web directory

2) Select and Edit/Copy the TCPIP object

3) Close TCPIP.TST

4) Open your application

5) View any action list that refers to the TCPIP object

6) Paste in the new TCPIP object

7) Modify the settings and action list of the new TCPIP object to match the old one

8) Delete the old TCPIP object

9) Drag the new TCPIP object to an action line reference that is now in red and

says "deleted...". When asked if you wish to replace all references, choose Yes.


To an replace the object in the stock panel:

1) Open the new TCPIP.TST found in the \Testpt\web directory

2) Put the mouse over the TCP/IP object and press and hold the left mouse button

3) While holding the mouse button, press and hold the Ctrl key.

4) While holding both keys down, drag the object directly over the existing TCP/IP object and then release the left mouse button then the Ctrl key.

5) The stock panel should now be updated with the new version of the object.