Product(s) :

Software: ExceLINX-1A, ExceLINX for PicoAmmeters/Electrometers

Integra Series: 2700, 2701, 2750

Low-Current/High-Resistance Meters: 6485, 6487, 6514


Question : Why is the error “No Return() or Halt() function found on macro sheet” generated? Why does ExceLINX appear to periodically freeze up with the AutoSave add-in enabled?

Answer: The “No Return() or Halt() function found on macro sheet” generally arises because of a conflict between Add-Ins. The Microsoft Excel 2000 version SR-1 had a particular problem with the AutoSave Add-In. This problem was corrected with version SR-3 of Microsoft Excel. Please refer to Microsoft Knowledge Base Article # 316399 for more information.

However, regardless of the version of Excel, ExceLINX may continue to conflict with the AutoSave Add-in particularly when communicating with the instrument over the RS-232 interface. The periodic backups that the AutoSave add-in prompts may interrupt the communication between ExceLINX and the instrument. An interruption in data retrieval may cause ExceLINX to freeze or hang up.

Should you like to maintain a backup of the data, you may consider using the “Log File” feature of ExceLINX. Logging to file simultaneously copies the data to a text file while loading it to an Excel spreadsheet. To Log to File, select the file to which you would like to save the data. Before running the DMM Scan sheet, press the “Record” button and then start the scan.

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