Why do I get no measurements when using the KPCMCIA-GPIB (Ines) Card with ExceLINX-1A?

There is a known problem with ExceLINX-1A (ver C01) software for Integra series 2700 or 2750 when using the DMM Scan task when the GPIB interface is the Ines or KPCMCIA-GPIB.

The DMM Config sheet will properly execute, but the DMM Scan task will show the Status "RUNNING" but it never really triggers the 27xx to make a measurement. Therefore no readings are returned.

Workaround: in the DMM Config sheet, set the FRONT PANEL LOCK OUT setting to "OFF". The default setting is ON. If the setting is left to the default, then you will see the above symptoms. The Front Panel Lock out enables or disables the Front Panel buttons of the 27xx.

Root Cause: In the Ines GPIB driver, the high level GoToLocal function used in the passport does not return. Use of the low level GTL bus command executes properly.

Correction: a corrected passport for Ines GPIB cards will be distributed in the next maintenance release of ExceLINX-1A (ver C02).