How do I put the Model 197, 175, 485 into Cal Enable mode?

Depending on the firmware revision, there are three methods to put these instruments in the CAL ENABLE mode.

Procedure for CAL ENABLE for Revision B firmware:

In Service Manual, delete paragraph 5.6.3 Calibration Jumper on page 5-4 and Figure 5-2 on page 5-5 and replace with the following:

5.6.3 Calibration Storage Enable

The Model must be in the calibration storage enable mode in order to realize storage of calibrations constants into the NVRAM. If the instrument is not placed in this mode, subsequent calibration will be lost when the instrument is turned off. Perform the following steps to place the unit in storage enable mode:

  1. Turn unit off
  2. While holding in the STO/CLR button, turn the instrument on using the ON/OFF switch.
  3. When the "CAL" message is displayed, release the STO/CLR button. This instrument will return to normal display mode, and the storing of calibration constants is now enabled.
  4. Allow 1 hour warm up before proceeding with instrument calibration.
  5. Press in the REL and dB pushbuttons simultaneously until the message "CAL" is displayed again. Release the buttons. The unit is now ready to be calibrated as indicated by the "C" annunciator on the display.

Note: Step 2 and 3 put the instrument in the CAL ENABLE mode, while step 5 puts the instrument in the CAL mode.