Using ExceLINX for a plug-in board and DriverLINX, I get an error message: "Complie error in hidden module: frm TaskType"

Cause: ExceLINX for the plug-in boards supports channel configuration of type thermocouple. During task initialization, the thermocouple library is initialized to prepare for the possibility that thermocouple scaling will be requested. The error message indicates that the required version of the thermocouple library is not installed on the target machine. The thermocoule library is normally installed by the underlying DriverLINX driver. This symptom is most likely on systems using older versions of the DriverLINX driver as is often found with the ISA boards (DAS-xxxx). If it is happening with a KPCI or KPCMCIA card, then the version of the DriverLINX driver is not current.

Resolution: This has been corrected with a new installer for ExceLINX which will deploy, if necessary, the thermocouple library component. This is version A00.8 released on 25 March 2003.