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New System Increases Safety, Reduces Test Cost for Airbag Igniters, Cables, Harness, Connectors

Cleveland, Ohio -- April 29, 2002 -- Keithley Instruments, Inc. (NYSE: KEI), the leading producer of automotive airbag igniter electrical test equipment, today introduced its Model 2790 SourceMeter® Switch Airbag Inflator Test System. This automated test system provides the lowest initial cost, reduced test development costs, and highest throughput, resulting in an overall cost of test much lower than existing igniter test systems. This is accomplished by tightly integrating sourcing, measuring, and switching functions in a single instrument, by eliminating the need for synchronization between the computer/controller and the Model 2790, and by reducing signal routing complexity. In addition to airbag igniter tests, the Model 2790 improves test efficiency and throughput in many other applications, such as continuity and hi-pot testing of cables, wiring harnesses, and connectors, plus general high/low ohms measurements on a wide variety of electronic components and materials.

Moreover, the Model 2790's low energy voltage and current sources have been designed to reduce the possibility of device damage while still accurately measuring critical low and high resistance parameters. Additional safety features include a hardware source interlock, and an automatic output cable capacitance-discharge circuit for high voltage insulation resistance testing.

About Keithley Instruments. Keithley Instruments, Inc. provides electrical, RF (radio frequency), and optical measurement solutions to the telecommunications, semiconductor, optoelectronics, and other electronic components industries. Engineers and scientists around the world use Keithley's advanced hardware and software for process monitoring, production test, and basic research.

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