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Keithley Releases Fast Transient Dual Channel Battery/Charger Simulator with External Triggering

Cleveland, Ohio - June 10, 2003 - Keithley Instruments, Inc. (NYSE: KEI) today introduced its Model 2306-VS dual channel fast transient power supply with external triggering. Designed specifically to meet the evolving test needs of handset and cellular component manufacturers, the Model 2306-VS is the only instrument of its kind that allows externally triggered output voltage level changes with additional measurement capability. Measurement functions include: voltage, load currents, pulse currents, and independent digital voltmeter measurements. This supply offers the user the unique ability to preload voltage setpoints and measurement requirements into the internal memory of the supply while executing commands with simple TTL triggers.

By preloading the Model 2306-VS with voltage level and measurement requirements, users will experience a significant improvement in execution time compared to traditional GPIB/SCPI command and control. With no waiting for GPIB/SCPI command processing, measurements and voltage level changes throughout a test sequence can be made much more quickly. This can offer significant production speed improvements in applications requiring multiple voltage level changes, such as cellular power amplifier or precision electronic component testing. Additionally, the Model 2306-VS is well suited to applications requiring tight synchronization of pulse measurements, such as testing cellular handsets or other wireless devices.

Instrument Background

A key competitive advantage for many manufacturers of such electrical components as wireless power amplifiers is cost-effective high production throughput. With continual cuts in capital expenditures, companies are looking for easily supported, non-invasive solutions to increase capacity. Inherent time latency for GPIB communications is often a significant contributor to overall test time, and by putting more routine function sets into the test instrument, users can simplify and speed up software routines. Hardware triggering and built-in test sequencing greatly reduces the impact of GPIB communications on testing speeds. The Model 2306-VS offers a quick and cost-effective way to reduce test times for power amplifiers and other DC-powered devices.

Major Features and Benefits

Two major features in the 2306-VS offer significant improvements in test speed. External triggering allows for synchronized/deterministic control of output voltages and measurements. At the same time, automated voltage stepping lets users preprogram a set of voltage outputs and measurement readings and incorporate them into custom test programs, which can run without delays due to communications overhead.

The Model 2306-VS has four rear panel mounted BNC connectors (two inputs and two outputs) to allow external triggering and handshaking for both battery and charger channels. External triggering can enable channel #1 or #2 to perform voltage, current, or pulse current measurements while minimizing GPIB communications. The externally triggered voltage step mode allows up to 20 user-adjustable voltage setpoints. Channels can be triggered sequentially or in parallel with only one trigger needed. A measurement can be taken automatically during each voltage step, with readings arrayed until requested.

About Keithley Instruments. Keithley Instruments, Inc. provides optical and electrical measurement solutions from DC to RF (radio frequency) to the wireless, semiconductor, optoelectronics, and other electronics manufacturing industries. Engineers and scientists around the world use Keithley's advanced hardware and software for process monitoring, production test, and basic research.

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