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Keithley Introduces Ready-to-Run 200mm Wafer Test System for 130nm Node and Beyond

Cleveland, Ohio - July 14, 2004 - Keithley Instruments, Inc. (NYSE:KEI), a leader in solutions for emerging measurement needs, has developed a packaged, ready-to-run parametric test system with unrivaled cost-per-pin and total price/performance ratio. The Model S470 Parametric Test System is optimized for production testing of 200mm wafers at the 130nm CMOS node and beyond.

High Throughput, Accuracy, and Flexibility. The Model S470 quickly and accurately takes a wide range of I-V and C-V measurements on CMOS, bipolar, and GaAs ICs, including automotive and telecom ICs, LCDs, and more. The system's exceptional ease of use increases its overall test value by speeding and simplifying both test programming and day-to-day operation.

Proven Design. The Model S470 design is based on Keithley's production-proven and highly reliable UNIX-based Model S400 Series testers (of which hundreds are installed around the world), backed by a worldwide support and spares infrastructure. The application software is the latest version of the Keithley Test Environment (KTE v5.1), with a test executive and operator interface common to other Model S400 Series and the popular Model S600 Series testers. This simplifies migration of test programs and is supported by regular system upgrades for maximum hardware and software reuse. The Model S470 comes with a one-year warranty and is available with options such as RF testing at up to 40GHz, adaptive test software that automates first-level process diagnostics, and SECS/GEM for 200mm factory automation.

Application Benefits. The Keithley Model S400 Series Parametric testers have been widely used by the semiconductor industry since the 1980s, supported by Keithley's continual system upgrades to keep pace with changing technologies and customer test requirements to deliver industry-leading capital equipment reuse. With better than 10fA current measurement resolution, the Model S470 Tester is an economical choice for testing the most common types of ICs now in high volume production. It satisfies the need for accurate and repeatable measurements free of artifacts, while maintaining high test throughput. The KTE v5.1 software is the industry's easiest to use parametric test application, combining powerful yet uncomplicated tools for test code development and modification, a wide range of measurement capabilities, and advanced data analysis - forming a complete parametric test solution.

Product Details. The Model S470 bundled system comes in a 24-pin configuration, including probe card adapter and cabling, with full guarding and Kelvin connections to the probe needles. The base system includes four DC I-V source-measure units, 100kHz capacitance/conductance meter, picoammeter, and system reference unit with calibration and diagnostics software. The picoammeter is routable to all pins and provides a measurement resolution of less than 10fA. The high-speed/low-current air matrix switching cards are similar to the popular Keithley 707A/7174A cards and provide fast settling times. The result is measurements with high integrity at production throughputs.

The KTE v5.1 operating software provides a robust platform for test development, recipe selection, and test execution. Standard CMOS and BiCMOS measurement libraries are included, and new algorithms can be created with the included C-language compiler. Like all recent Model S400 Series testers, KTE runs on a Sun controller using the Solaris UNIX operating system. System software documentation is on a CD-ROM. On-site system installation and one-year warranty are included.

System options include:

  • Up to 4 additional DC I-V source-measure units
  • Expansion to 36 or 48 pins
  • RF option for 40GHz non-extrapolated s-parameter measurements
  • High speed 1MHz or multifrequency capacitance meter for advanced dielectrics
  • Medium current pulsed voltage source for flash and charge pumping applications and for measuring up to 2A of current
  • Microvoltmeter for monitoring copper processes
  • Pulse generator (up to two, each with single or dual channel)
  • Frequency counter or spectrum analyzer for ring oscillator measurements
  • Keithley Recipe Manager for automated version control and recipe fanout with ISO-9000 traceability for recipes
  • Adaptive test for automated first-level process diagnostics

With more than 50 years of measurement expertise, Keithley Instruments ( has become a world leader in advanced electrical test instruments and systems from DC to RF (radio frequency) geared to the specialized needs of electronics manufacturers for high performance production testing, process monitoring, product development, and research. By building upon our strength in electrical measurement solutions for research, Keithley has become a production test technology leader for the semiconductor, wireless, optoelectronics, and other precision electronics segments of the worldwide electronics industry. The value we provide to our customers is a combination of precision measurement technology and a rich understanding of their applications to improve the quality, throughput, and yield of their products.

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