Release History

DriverLINX for Keithley KPCI-3108 Series

CD Release

The following Quick Fix Patches and Service Packs only apply to
Keithley part number 3108-850A04

Quick Fix Patches*

3108-850A04.0.0.1, Released 06/11/03

Corrected Issues:

- Corrects auditing for analog-output tasks, which require an even number of samples in a buffer.
- Updates auditing for compatiblity with firmware version 3108-800A07, which requires an even number of channels for
multi-channel, analog-input tasks in interrupt and DMA modes.

Updated Files:


Service Packs*



* Quick Fix Patches are cumulative product updates released since the last Service Pack or CD Release. Quick Fix Patches only repair the Corrected Issues and are not regression tested for full product functionality. Keithley does not recommend installing Quick Fix Patches unless you are experiencing one or more of the Corrected Issues.

Service Packs are cumulative product updates that incorporate all prior Quick Fix Patches and Service Packs. Service Packs are regression tested for full product functionality. Keithley recommends installing the latest Service Pack before contacting Technical Support if you are experiencing any product problems.