Release History

DriverLINX for Keithley DAS-800 Series

The following Quick Fix Patches and Service Packs apply to
Keithley part number DAS800-850A03.

Quick Fix Patches*

DAS800-850A03.0.0.1, Released 04/03/01

- The DriverLINX ActiveX control would report Method 'VBArrayBufferConvert' of object '_DDlsr' failed when attempting to convert buffers with more 16000 samples from a task with specific channel counts.
- Corrects a rare problem that displays a message box unexpectedly during data-acquisition.


Service Packs*


CD Releases

Keithley part number DAS800-850A03

Corrected Issues:

- added Windows 2000 support
- internal optimizations to reduce task startup overhead for polled single value or scan tasks
- corrects a problem with DLWin32.dll causing installer to crash or fail to register components under NT SP 4 and above
- corrected device registration to work on systems without a preexisting HKLM\Hardware\DeviceMap key
- fixes a bug that caused a polled Analog Input task to always return -5 volts while a counter/timer task was active
- fixes glitching, resetting and locking of the digital outputs by an analog input task
- STOP operation now returns valid IO Status to indicate the last buffer position
- CloseDriverLINX no longer stops running DriverLINX tasks that use a different HINSTANCE of the same driver as the CloseDriverLINX
- SelectDriverLINX(0) now returns currently selected driver HINSTANCE
- changes to the meaning of "currently selected HINSTANCE" with regard to multi-threading
- after a CloseDriverLINX call, no other driver instance is current until the application calls either SelectDriverLINX or OpenDriverLINX
- Windows 95/98: Fixed rare crash in APC handler when buffer completion events occur after a data loss; causes the application to crash
- supports using both 16 and 32 bit drivers in one 32-bit application
- Windows 95/98 updates to support two drivers in one 16-bit application
- supports GetEvent function from 16-bit applications
- service request control now reports an error when .Refresh is called without a .Req_dll_name specified
- service request control methods VBArrayBufferConvert and ArrayBufferConvert now allow >65535 as the bufOffset and numBufPts arguments

Keithley part number DAS800-850A02 (internal release)

Keithley part number SF-038A01 (driver version 4.0.0)


* Quick Fix Patches are cumulative product updates released since the last Service Pack or CD Release. Quick Fix Patches only repair the Corrected Issues and are not regression tested for full product functionality. Keithley does not recommend installing Quick Fix Patches unless you are experiencing one or more of the Corrected Issues.

Service Packs are cumulative product updates that incorporate all prior Quick Fix Patches and Service Packs. Service Packs are regression tested for full product functionality. Keithley recommends installing the latest Service Pack before contacting Technical Support if you are experiencing any product problems.