Release History

DriverLINX for LabVIEW

1.0.3 7/27/01 Re-release with minor updates

Corrected issues:
- Time-outs would not occur until mouse was moved or some other message was sent.
- Default time-out changed to the longer of 5 sec or 4 times the expected time.
- Initial AO range was +/-5V. It's now the hardware power-on default (usually +/- 10V).
- Default freq for scan or channel clocks limited max throughput for some boards. It's now calculated by multiplying or dividing the number of channel with the clock freq that is defined.

1.0.2 1/22/01 Re-release with minor updates

1.0.1 12/7/01 Re-release with minor updates

1.0.0 9/23/98 Initial release

The following Quick Fix Patches and Service Packs apply to
DriverLINX for LabVIEW.

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* Quick Fix Patches are cumulative product updates released since the last Service Pack or Release. Quick Fix Patches only repair the Corrected Issues and are not regression tested for full product functionality. Keithley does not recommend installing Quick Fix Patches unless you are experiencing one or more of the Corrected Issues.

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