Release notes for Keithley Instruments DriverLINX Product

Version: DLINX-851A01
Jan 14th 2009
Updated Mar 16th, 2009


DriverLINX is the industry's most advanced 32-bit application development device driver for custom data acquisition under Windows 2000/XP/Vista. Keithley's family of DriverLINX software drivers provides a common Application Programming Interface (API) to Keithley's extensive family of PCI plug-in data acquisition boards, making these drivers ideal for custom applications development under Windows 2000/XP/Vista.
Although DriverLINX emphasizes hardware independence, it still allows you to access the unique features of each board. DriverLINX drivers have years of field-proven experience in demanding data-acquisition applications. They are robust, multitasking, and flexible, and provide the ability to control multiple boards or to share one board with multiple applications or threads. DriverLINX drivers can support simultaneous analog I/O, digital I/O, and counter/timer operations.
DriverLINX's 32-bit architecture supports Visual Basic, C/C++, .NET, and Delphi programming environments and includes a complete library of example programs.
Supported Operating systems (O/S's)

This release of DriverLINX is compatible with the following O/Ss:
Windows 2000, XP and 32 bit Vista.

It doesnt support Windows 98/ME or NT 4. If you require DriverLINX for one of these O/Ss then see the section below on Older DriverLINX releases.

It also doesnt support 64-bit XP or 64-bit Vista.

Supported Hardware

This release of DriverLINX supports the following PCI Data Acquisition boards from Keithley Instruments:

Any other PCI, ISA or PCMCIA board from Keithley is not supported by this release. See the section Older DriverLINX releases below.


1. Unzip the downloaded file: to a directory on your computer.
2. Double click on the file in the root directory of the unzipped files called setup.hta and your internet browser should launch and display the DriverLINX CD Browser.
3. Click on the correct link to install the drivers for your Data Acquisition board.
4. Click on the link to install the DriverLINX documentation.
5. If you require LabVIEW drivers then click on the link called LabVIEW support.
6. If you require C/C++, VB6. .NET or Delphi support then click on the link called API.


If you did step 4 in the installation section then there will be a directory called Docs on your hard drive which contains numerous pdf documentation files.

On the Start menu under DriverLINX there will be links to the documentation for your board and a link to the DriverLINX API documentation.

There is also a link on the CD browser web page labeled API App Notes that has some extra documentation for example how to use DriverLINX in .NET.

Release History
DLINX-851A01 - Vista, XP and Win2K compatable only. Runs on multi-processor and hyper-threading PC's.

Older DriverLINX releases

If you require support for older O/Ss like 98, ME or NT4 then go to the Keithley Web site to check for the download.

If you have a Keithley Data Acquisition board that is not supported by this DriverLINX release then check the Keithley Web site also.

The Keithley Web site is at Search for your board model number in the search section of the Web site. Click on the software driver link under the download section of the web page for the board.