Installation Instructions for IVI Driver V3.9

Tektronix TekScope IVI Driver for TDS5000/TDS6000/TDS7000/DPO5000/MSO5000/B/DPO7000
/DSA/DPO70000/B/D/MSO70000/C/DX and DPO70000SX Series Oscilloscopes.

Installation Instructions

The installation of the IVI-COM driver will not complete until the IVI
Foundation Shared Components are installed. This download includes the
version of the shared components that the driver was developed with.
Newer versions of the shared components will work with this driver.
Older versions won't. This distribution includes the shared components
clean-up utility that should be used whenever removing and replacing
these components. Running "CleanupUtility.exe" when shared components
are not installed will simply result in an information message. Click
through this and then install the shared components. After installing
the Shared Components, you can install the IVI-COM driver.

1. Download the IVIDriver3.9.exe file to your Windows-Based Oscilloscope or PC hard drive.
Launch the selfextracting executable file. You will be prompted to select a destination
folder (or you can accept the default: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp).
Following extraction, the selected location will have an "IVIDriver3.9" folder. This folder will contain
two directories: "x86" which has installers that run on 32-Bit OS and "x64" which has installers that run on 64-Bit OS.
Each of these will contain two sub directories: one is named "IVI-COM Driver" and the other, "Shared Components".

2. Close the programs running on your scope or PC.

3. Uninstall any previously installed version of IVI Driver and Shared Components on the PC or Windows-based oscilloscope.

4. To uninstall the Shared Components run the IviCleanupUtility.exe in the "Shared Components" directory.
Double click on this program to uninstall a currently installed version of the shared components.
If there are no shared components installed you will be notified with a message box.
Simply dismiss the message box and continue with the Shared Components installation.

5. To install the IVI Foundation Shared Components run the program named IviSharedComponents.exe which is located in the "Shared Components" directory.

4. After the Shared Components are installed, run "TekScope-x64.msi" in the "IVI-COM Driver" directory under the "x64" folder to install the
Tektronix TekScope IVI-COM Driver on a PC with 64-Bit OS or "TekScope-x86.msi" in the "IVI-COM Driver" directory under the "x86" folder
to install the driver on a PC with 32-Bit OS.

NOTE: If you have successfully downloaded this software but are unable to
complete the installation per the instructions above, please contact the
Tektronix Technical Support Center. Customers calling within the U.S.
call 1-800-833-9200 (customers calling 9:43 AM from outside the U.S.
call 503-627-2400).