TekExpress HEAC (1.3.8)

Product: TekExpress HEAC (TEKEXP-HEAC)
Version: 1.3.8

Installation Instructions.


Minimum System Requirements

Processor Pentium 4/M or equivalent processor.

Operating System Windows XP Service Pack 2/WIN7.

Memory 512 MB of memory.

Hard Disk Approximately 2 GB of available hard-disk space for the recommended installation, which includes
full TekExpress installation and distributed components.

Display Super VGA resolution or higher video adapter (800x600 minimum video resolution for small fonts
or 1024x768 minimum video resolution for large fonts). The application is best viewed at 96 dpi display settings.

Software • Microsoft Excel 2002 or above.
• Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 or later.
• Microsoft Photo Editor 3.0 or equivalent software for image files viewing.
• Adobe Reader 6.0 or equivalent software for viewing portable document format (PDF) files.
Other Devices

This software download offers 10 free trials. A software security key may be purchased from Tektronix to permanently enable the software application.



Extract TekExpress_HEAC_v1.3.8.1.EXE, HEAC_AudioRX_Patterns_AWG5K.EXE and HEAC_AudioRX_Patterns_AWG7K.EXE from HEAC_1_3_8_1.zip.

1 TekExpress HEAC

i. Download TekExpress_HEAC_v1.3.8.1.EXE

ii. Run the TekExpress_HEAC_v1.3.8.1.EXE program. After the installation completes Select "Restart" to reboot the instrument. The local machine must reboot to complete the installation process.

iii. Once the application in successfully installed, user can remove the TekExpress_HEAC_v1.3.8.1.EXE file from local hard-drive.

iV. TekExpress HEAC shortcut is created on the desktop. Launch TekExpress HEAC.exe by double-click on it. Once the application launches go to Help on the Menu tab and select About TekExpress. In About TekExPress click on License info,where the user has to enter the license info. This information is also available in the help document provided with this application under section "How To Activate the License"

2 TekExpress HEAC Patterns for Audio Receiver testing

i. On AWG local hard-drive download HEAC_AudioRX_Patterns_AWG5K.EXE (for AWG5000/B) OR HEAC_AudioRX_Patterns_AWG7K.EXE (for AWG7000/B/C)

ii. Run the downloaded program, this will extract the patterns on AWG local hard-drive. After the installation completes user can remove the above EXE file from local hard-drive.


If for some reason you are unable to download or install this software
please contact the Tektronix Technical Support Center:
Customers calling within the U.S. call 1-800-833-9200 press 3.
Customers calling from outside the U.S. call 503-627-2400.

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