Installation Instructions

Starting from DPOJET 6.0.0 (64-bit) onwards, DPOJET and DDRA installers are two separate installers. DDRA can be installed in following ways

(1) DDRA Installation through single DPOJET deployment package
DPOJET deployment package includes individual installers of all DPOJET plug-in applications such as DDRA. DDRA can be installed by downloading latest DPOJET deployment package, however it is recommended to check the latest version of DDRA application at

(2) DDRA Installation through standalone DDRA installer
Standalone DDRA installer is smaller in download size and can be downloaded from, the pre-requisite for DDRA application such as DPOJET, TekScope firmware would need to be first installed before installing the DDRA application using standalone DDRA installer.

(3) DDRA application needs to be re-installed after the installation of TekScope and/or DPOJET and the order of installation should be as below
TekScope (Version 10.5.2 or above)
DPOJET (Version 10.0.3 or above)
DDRA (Version 10.1.1 or above)