Product: SignalCorrect
Version: v1.0.2
Date: October 26, 2016
Follow these steps to install SignalCorrect.
Note; EXit TekScope before starting the installation process.

1. Make sure you are logged on to your instrument as an administrator or as a user with administrator privileges.
2. Save the download self extracting executable file on your instrument and make a note of where it is saved.
3. Double-click the download executable and wait while the package prepares for installing SignalCorrect. This will take several moments. Please wait. When the installer UI is shown, you will be guided to successful installation.

Note: If for some reason you are unable to download this software, or if you have successfully downloaded this software but are unable to install it per the instructions above, please contact the Tektronix Technical Support Center at: Customers calling within the U.S. call 1-800-833-9200Â FREE FREE FREE (customers calling from outside the U.S. call 503-627-2400 FREE ).