Upgrading Instrument Software
The instrument software upgrade is performed either via USB and/or across an Ethernet network using a PC to transfer the new software to the

Firmware update to version 3.4.X

- The first time the instrument firmware is updated to version 3.X, the upgrade process must be run twice in order
for the firmware to be properly installed. Subsequent upgrades will require only one attempt to upgrade the firmware.

- If you are updating firmware from 2.X to 3.X via USB, after the instrument reboots, you may have to remove and
reinsert the USB flash drive to complete the update.

Firmware update with any Dolby option

- When updating the instrument firmware to 3.0.X or newer and Option DPE is installed, do not cycle the instrument power
until the Power-on diagnostic screen is cleared and the User interface is fully running. If the Instrument
Fault LED is lit (red Power/Standby button), an additional instrument reboot is required. This may be performed
by pressing the Power/Standby button. When the upgrade is complete, the Dolby firmware version will be
You can confirm the version on your instrument from the CONFIG > Utilities > SW Version menu.

Visit www.Tektronix.com or see the User manual that shipped with your instrument.