RELEASENOTES.TXT for TBS1000B and TBS1000B-EDU Oscilloscopes (Version 4.06)

Release Date: October 26th, 2015


1. Introduction
2. Installation Guide
3. Contents of Distribution
4. History
5. Known Limitations / Issues
6. Contact Information

1. Introduction

Version v4.06 is a firmware update for the TBS1000B and TBS1000B-EDU Series oscilloscopes.

2. Installation Guide

This firmware update is intended to update TBS1000B and TBS1000B-EDU Series oscilloscopes to firmware version v4.06.
Do not update your instrument if you have firmware v4.06 or greater already installed.

- Check your firmware version by pressing Utility > System Status > Misc. If installed FW is lower than V4.06 proceed.
- Copy the TBS1KB.TEK to a USB thumb disk.
- Plug the USB thumb disk to the scope, wait a few minutes for the recognition of the disk.
- Press Utility > File utility > Update Firmware. This will update the firmware. Don't remove the USB drive until update is complete.
- Remove the USB drive.
- Reboot the scope.
- Go to Utility > System status> Misc to check the firmware version number has changed to V4.06.

3. Contents of Distribution


Version V4.06 add features as bellow:

- Add a new model TBS1032B.

4. History

V1.10: First firmware release for TBS1000B & TBS1000B-EDU Series.

Version V2.00 added the following features:

- TrendPlot (for TBS1000B Series)
- Enhanced limit test (for TBS1000B Series)
- Autoset enable/disable feature (for TBS1000B-EDU Series)

Version V2.00 fixed following issues:

- Fixed display appearance bugs when in persistence mode

Version V2.02 fixed following issues:
- Enabled autoset after instrument start-up and after firmware update.

Version V2.42 adds the following features:

- OpenChoice Desktop support (connect your oscilloscope to Tek's standard PC Software)
- Measurement Snapshot (capture all 34 measurement types on one screen)

Version V2.42 fixes following issues:
- Utilities Menu: the oscilloscope may not respond to 'long' presses on bezel buttons when a USB drive is plugged in and user is in the "Utilities" menu.
- Courseware Mode: When in the course menu, the oscilloscope may not respond to 'long' presses on bezel buttons.
- Improves the scope's responsiveness.

Version V2.52 fixes following issues:

- OCD/printer feature: Change the color of CH1 to orange in 'Ink-Saver' mode, which is much clearer under the white background.
- Utility > Display menu: Improve the response of the backlight adjustment.
- Make it available that two or more scopes can be connected and work with one computer.
- Cursor menu: optimize the color of the cursor readout to have better contrast.
- Trigger Position Icon: Correct the position of the "trigger position icon" to match the waveform during horizontal scale adjustment.
- TrendPlot function: Optimize the feature, when the measurement result has a "?", the scope will turn the related trendplot waveform red.
- TrendPlot function: optimize the feature to start the trendplot waveform from the center of the display.
- Save button: Support 'Ink-Saver' mode when using the save button.
- Optimize the background color in Japanese language help system.

Version V3.25 fixes following issues:

- Improved the menu response time, especially when waveform is dense.
- Save Recall > Save Image: removed the unnessary right-side bar in the picture saved under ink-saver mode.
- Save Recall > Save Image: removed the white frame around the picture saved under ink-saver mode.
- Trigger Position Icon: Corrected the position of the "trigger position icon" to match the waveform during horizontal position adjustment.
- OCD/printer feature: made the fonts for measurements more clear in ink-saver mode.
- OCD/printer feature: turned off the ink-saver mode by default.
- Utility > Options > Set Date and Time: fix the issue "Instrument locks up while setting the date to 11".

Version V4.0 add features as bellow:

- Remote Autoset Enable/Disable (only for EDU model)
- Remote firmware update through SmartLab
- Remote Courseware update through SmartLab (only for EDU model)
- Reference image/data during Data Collection in Courseware (only for EDU model)
- Probe check

Version V4.0 fixed following issues:

- when load a course without lab info ,enter lab list will cause scope to restart.
- course step changes will influence save setup number
- Press autoset view ,then press autoset button ,autoset highlight bezel doesn?--t change.
- After default setup ,the source does not change to CH1.

5. Known Limitations / Issues / Future Firmware Releases

- An upcoming firmware release will upgrade your oscilloscope to following features. Firmware will be made available on

6. Contact Information

Telephone: Tektronix Toll Free at 1-800-833-9200
Sales support, select option 1
Service support, select option 2
Technical support, select option 3

6:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific time

Email: [email protected]