High Speed Serial Software Plug-in installation instructions

Installation Instructions:

1) Download the "HighSpeedSerialSetup_1.3.exe" file and save it to a temporary location on your PC or AWG70000A series instrument.

2) If you are installing this plug-in on PC, please make sure SourceXpress application version 5.3 or above is installed.
You can download the latest SourceXpress application from http://www.tek.com/sourcexpress.

3) If you are installing this plug-in on AWG, please make sure the AWG firmware version is 5.3 or above.
You can download the latest AWG software from http://www.tek.com/signal-generator/awg70000-arbitrary-waveform-generator.

4) Run "HighSpeedSerialSetup_1.3.exe" file by double-clicking and follow its instructions and prompts.

5) When the installation has completed, you may safely delete the download file.

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