This software release is for DSA8300 instruments running Windows 7 Operating System.


1. Click on the link to download the executable.

If you are connecting to the Internet directly from your
DSA8300 Series instrument, select the Run option. This will
download and unpack the installation files on your instrument.
Follow the instructions to start the installation and then
skip to step 4.

If you are using a PC, select the Save option. This will save
the compressed file to a location on your computer.

2. If you are installing a new version of the application on your
instrument you will need to transfer the compressed file to
your DSA8300 instrument into a temporary directory.

3. Double click the downloaded file. Click the Setup button to
start the Winzip extractor to unpack the files to your instrument
or workstation and start the installation program.

4. Begin the installation of the TekScope Software by clicking on
the Install Software option at left, then the Tektronix DSA8300
Series Oscilloscope Application and TekVISA Analysis and
Connectivity Software link at right.

5. Reboot the instrument if prompted.

6. If this was a TekScope upgrade from a previous version, then this
first installation pass only removed the previous TekScope version
and steps 3-5 need to be performed once more to completed the
installation of the new version.

Congratulations, you have upgraded your instrument to the most current version!

If you have any problems, please contact the Tektronix Technical Support Center at:

Customers calling within the U.S. please call 1-800-833-9200 press 3.
Customers calling from outside the U.S. please call 503-627-2400.