This Installation guide contains installation information and the
system requirements for the ArbExpress Waveform Creation and
Editing Tool for Tektronix AWG/AFG version 3.4.

Minimum System Requirements
OS supported Minimum requirements
- Windows 7 Enterprise
- Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1
- Windows 2000
- Windows Me
- Windows 98 SE
- Windows NT Service Pack 6a
Pentium III @ 800 MHz and higher
256 MB RAM
300 MB Free Disk Space
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 and higher
.NET Framework 1.1 Redistributable Installation
800x600 display resolution

ArbExpress Version 3.4 Instructions

1. Download the ArbExpress setup file and double-click it. The Install
Shield wizard displays the Splash Screen.

2. Follow the instructions given by the InstallShield wizard.

3. The installation follows this sequence of steps: Welcome, View Release
Notes (optional). License Agreement, Choose Destination Location,
Start Copying Files, Setup Status.

- Click Next to continue and navigate through the InstallShield wizard.
- Click Back if you want to change the settings in the previous window.

4. In the Welcome window, click on the Release Notes button to view the
release notes. Then click Next to display the License Agreement window.

5. In the License Agreement window, do the following:
- Read the License Agreement carefully.
- Select the I accept the terms of the License agreement option to continue.

6. After you have selected the I accept the terms of the License agreement
option, then click Next to display the Choose Destination Location window.

7. In the Choose Destination Location window, do one of the following:
- To install ArbExpress in the default folder
C:\Program Files\Tektronix\ArbExpress click Next.
- To change the location where you would like to install the ArbExpress
software, click Browse and browse to the location.

8. Click Next to display the Start Copying Files window. This window displays
the disk space available and the disk space required to install ArbExpress.

9. Click Next to start installation. The Setup Status window displays a progress
bar. ArbExpress will be installed in the selected folder with a shortcut in the
Start menu.

10. When the installation is complete, the message ArbExpress Software Setup
completed successfully is displayed. If you do not have TekVisa
and .NET Runtime Framework version 1.1 installed on your computer,
ArbExpress detects this and displays a message to install these before
running ArbExpress.

11. Click Finish to exit.

Launching the Application and Online Help

After you have installed the application you can run the ArbExpress
software by clicking
Start > Programs > Tektronix ArbExpress> ArbExpress Application.
You can display the online help by clicking
Start > Programs > Tektronix ArbExpress> ArbExpress Help

Contacting Tektronix
Phone 1-800-833-9200*
Tektronix, Inc.
14200 SW Karl Braun Drive
P.O. Box 500
Beaverton, OR 97077, USA

Web site
Sales support 1-800-833-9200, select option 1*
Service support 1-800-833-9200, select option 2*
Technical support Email: [email protected]
1-800-833-9200, select option 3*
6:00 a.m. -- 5:00 p.m. Pacific time

* This phone number is toll free in North America. After office
hours, please leave a voice mail message.

Outside North America, contact a Tektronix sales office or distributor;
see the Tektronix web site for a list of offices.