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September, 4th 2012



Introducing the Keithley Ke2500 VXIPnP Driver


  This instrument driver provides access to the functionality of the KEITHLEY 2500, 2500LV, 2502, and 6482 Dual-Channel Picoammeters.

  This driver works in any development environment which supports calling a Dll such as Microsoftฎ Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft .NET, Agilent VEE Pro, National Instruments LabVIEW, and others. 


  If LabVIEW is detected on the system a LabVIEW wrapper is installed which provides VI's for LabVIEW to call this VXIPnP driver.


Supported Instruments










  Supported Operating Systems:

    Windows XP

    Windows Vista

    Windows 7



    Any compliant implementation of VISA must be installed for this driver to work. This driver has been tested with NI VISA.


Start Menu Shortcuts


   A shortcut to the driver help file is added to the Start Menu -> Keithley Instruments -> Ke2500 VXIPnP Instrument Driver -> Ke2500 HelpFile group.

   It contains documentation on the instrument function calls in this driver.




  This driver installs a single VB6 example file under the VXIPnP -> Ke2500 directory.


Revision History


  Version     Date         Notes

  -------   ------------   -----   Mar 22, 2001  Initial release supports: 2500, 2500LV and 2502   Aug 01, 2012  Added the model 6482.

                          Using a new installer   Aug 23, 2012  Internal release   Aug 28, 2012  Internal release   Sep 04, 2012  Public release




  To report bugs or provide feedback on this driver go to the Keithley forum:



Open Issues


1.  The Voltage Source on the 6482 is not supported

2.  The following is a list of functionality that is not in this driver for all models.

    The user can use the Ke2500_WriteInstrData and Ke2500_ReadInstrData functions to send and receive commands/data to the instrument if need be.

    • User defined Math expressions (except enable/disable math)

    • Relative (except enable/disable Rel )

    • Limits

    • Binning Control

    • Math (mean, sdev, max, min, pkpk)

    • NPLC caching

    • RS232

    • :DISP:CNDisplay             ( return source-measure display state)

           :MODE                  (select display function)

           :WIND[1/2]:DATA?       (query data on top portion of display )

                     :ATTRibutes? (blinking or not blinking) 

                :DIGits?          (query display resolution)     

    • :FORMat:SREGister           (select data format for reading status event registers                                              

             :SREGister ?


             :BORDer ?








    • :OUTPut[1/2] :ENABle :TRIPped ?

    • :SENSe[1/2]:AUTO ?:ULIMit



                        :LLIMit ?

                 :ADVanced:NTOLerance           (set noise tolerance in %)

                          : NTOLerance?

    • :SOURce[1/2]:STEP and STEP ?

                  :SPAN and SPAN ?

                  :CENTer and CENTer ?

      and all the queries ?


    • :STATus:PRESet

             :QUEue:ENABle and ENABle ?

             :DISable and DISable ?


    • :SYSTem:VERSion ?

             :ERRor:ALL, COUNt ?,CODE ALL ?

             :KEY and Key ?

             :LOCal :Remote : RWLock

      and all the queries except :ERR?

    • :TRACe:FREE?

            :POINTs?:CONTrol and CONTrol?

            :TST:FORM ?

    • Trigger Commands

        All queries except :ARM:COUNt? And :TRIG:COUNt?