Keithley 2100 Instrument Driver Readme


1. Overview

Instrument Driver Technology: LabVIEW Plug and Play (project-style)
Manufacturer: Keithley Instruments
Supported Language(s): LabVIEW 8.5
Supported Model(s): Keithley 2100, Keithley 2110
Model(s) Tested: Keithley 2100, Keithley 2110
Interface(s): Keithley 2110 (GPIB and USB), Keithley 2100 (USB only)
Firmware Revision Tested: Keithley 2100 (Version 1.08), Keithley 2110 (Version 2.0)

Certified: NO
Keithley Supported: Yes
Source Code Available: Yes

Driver Revision: 1.3
Original Release Date: April-2012
Current Revision Date: August-2013

2. Required Software

Some software components need to be installed before using this instrument driver. The minimum versions of these components are listed below, and can be downloaded from the Download Site.

VISA 4.6 or later

For more details, refer to the LabVIEW Help under Help » VI, Function, & How-To Help.

3. Known Issues

To report issues or provide feedback about this instrument driver, please send an email to [email protected].

4. Revision History

The latest version of this and other LabVIEW instrument drivers can be downloaded at the Keithley Instruments Website.

REV 1.3, August-2013
Modified by: Keithley Instruments

Feature Details:

Configure Capacitance, Configure Thermocouple, and Configure Temperature Vis added.

Added the support for all secondary measurement functions supported by Keithley 2110 model.


REV 1.2 July-2013 (Internal release only)
Modified by: Keithley Instruments


REV 1.1, April-2012
Modified by: Keithley Instruments

REV 1.0, April-2012
Modified by: Keithley Instruments