Keithley 27XX Instrument Driver Readme


1. Overview

Instrument Driver Technology:  Plug and Play (project-style)
Supported Language(s):  LabVIEW
Supported Model(s):  2700, 2701, 2750, 7700, 7701, 7702, 7703, 7705, 7706, 7707, 7708, 7709, 7710, 7711, 7712
Model(s) Tested:  Model 2700, 2701, 2750
Interface(s):  GPIB, Serial, Ethernet (where applicable)
Firmware Revisions Tested:  B05, A05, A07 
Certified:  Yes
NI Supported:  Yes
Source Code Available:  Yes
Driver Revision:  2.3
Original Release Date:  06/2004
Current Revision Date:  04/2008

2. Required Software

Some software components need to be installed before using this instrument driver. The minimum versions of 
these components are listed below, and can be downloaded from the Download Site.
VISA 3.0
Note: VISA has additional software requirements. For example, unless you are using a serial interface, 
NI-VISA requires that NI-488.2 and/or NI-VXI be installed on your system. Check with VISA help for additional 
support software and hardware requirements.
For more details, refer to the LabVIEW Help under Help» VI, Function, & How-To Help.

3. Known Issues

To report issues or provide feedback about this instrument driver, please send an email to [email protected]
As written, the driver only supports ASCII and Single Precision Binary transfers.  The instrument will support
Double Precision Binary transfers, however the code will need to be modified to handle this transfer method.  
The Data Format VI will need to be updated with this option.  The Read VIs will need modifications marked in 
the "Binary" case statement.
When Configure is called with a Scan List,  the Relative Value will not be set, and the Relative
Measurements will not be turned on. 
Temperature Scans of sample count greater than 1 with only one channel in the scan list will not initiate the scan 
When Auto Ranging is set to False (in Configure, if you are only scanning one channel with sample
count greater than 1, the driver will not initiate a measurement and the read VI will timeout.  
Note:  The 2701 is a TCPIP enabled device.  The instrument must be set up to use TCPIP, which can include enabling
the DHCP client.  The VISA Resource Name throughout the driver will not be auto-detected and must be manually entered
at the beginning of the application.  Example: "TCPIP::"
Real-Time Clock support is not consistent across measurements (buffered only) and data transfer (binary only). 
This can be achieved within LV using the LV time VIs and relative timestamps from the instrument.

4. Revision History

The latest version of this and other LabVIEW instrument drivers can be downloaded at the
REV 2.0, 07/18/2005, LV 8.0
Original  release for LabVIEW 8.0 created from v1.01 of LabVIEW 7.1 ke27xx driver.
Modified by: Jaustin Ohueri, Austin, TX
REV 2.1, 12/12/2005, LV 8.0
Minor update made on
Line feed termination character set to 8 bit unsigned integer for the TCP/IP connection case statement.
Minor update made on Revision
REV 2.2, 06/09/2006, LV8.0
New Public Utility VI (String to Numeric
New Private VI (Data
New Example VI (Acquire and Graph Time Measurement Data)
Replaced Code in Read Data and Read Multiple Direct with the private (Data subVI.
Modified the Validate Input Switch (private VI) to fix issue with custom error overriding existing error. 
REV 2.3, 04/01/08, LV 8.0
Initialize VI - Added "Send End Enable" to TCPIP Initialization case
Updated Revision Query VI to work in a compiled application
Modified by: Nathan Tacha, Austin,TX.