??Date: Nov,2016

Product: MOST Essentials

Version: v10.0.1

Contents of this Readme File:

1. Introduction

2. MOST created changes on your system.

3. Before you click "RUN"

4. What's new in this release?

5. Recommendations

6. Known Limitations

6.1 Installer related limitation


1. Introduction

The Tektronix MOST Essentials Option provides Design and Validation Engineers an Easy and Fast Way to Debug and Perform Compliance Testing for MOST50 and MOST150 devices

MOST option installs:

- MOST Essentials DPOJET Plug-in

- MOST OS/US measurement.exe executable

The MOI contains the procedure for installation and the detailed information on how to

use the system. This Readme.txt file contains additional information for the user.


2. MOST created changes on your system

MOST Essentials, a DPOJET Plug-in

a)MOST Essentials can be launched from  MOST Essentials menu under  Analyze menu of Scope application menu

b)Launching MOST Essentials option from Analyze menu of TekScope will launch DPOJET application with  MOST selected under Standards tab.

c)MOST measurements on DPOJET do not have dedicated free trials. But, 10 free trials of DPOJET analysis tool can be used to trial MOST Essentials measurement upto 10 trials.

MOST OS/US measurement.exe Executable

a)MOST OS/US measurement can be launched by clicking on the exe located at C:\Program Files\TekApplications\MOST\MOST OS and US Measurement.exe. A shortcut key MOST OS and US Measurement is placed on the desktop


3. Before you click "RUN"

a) Ensure that all the required instruments are properly warmed up, Signal Path

Compensation (SPC) is performed, followed by calibration and cable Deskew.

b) It is highly recommended to read MOST MOI before you click "RUN

c) Ensure that the following softwares are installed in your system.

Tekscope (v10.3.0 or above on Win 7 64-bit scopes)

Tektronix Jitter and Eye Diagram tool (Version 10.0.0 or above on Win 7 64-bit scopes)

d)MOST Essentials is supported only on 64 bit Win7 Oscilloscopes (DO NOT supports on DPO70000SX scopes)


4. What's new in this release?

-Nov 2016

* Added measurement support for MOST150 Coaxial Phy (cPHY) Automotive link specifications

* Added MOST150 cPHY setup files for 44.1KHz and 48.0KHz frame rates

-Nov 2016 (with Deployment package of TekScope firmware version v10.5.1)

* Released MOST Essentials software (v10.0.0) to support Scope firmware version 10.3.0 and above.

* Added MOST50 SP1E, SP2E Transferred Jitter limits which shows Pass/Fail status

* Updated MOST50 SP1E, SP2E setupfiles


5. Recommendations

Following recommendation to avoid any issues while running the tests

a) Please use record length greater than or equal to 1M for running DDJ and TJ measurements

b) Always run the OS and US Measurement.exe before running the setup file for MOST150-SP2 testpoint.


6. Known Limitations

6.1 Installer related limitation

a) Required softwares are installed on C:\ only.

b) User needs to have administrative privilege while installing the application

6.2 Software/Measurement related limitation

a) Test report from Overshoot-Undershoot Utility is generated separately, and cannot be appended to MOST reports generated from MOST DPOJET report tab.