1. Third party Dependency components Version (These will install as part of the full deployment package except MATLAB runtime that will be installed as part of the DPOJET install package):

• MS DOTNET framework Ver. 4.0
• MATLAB Ver. Ver8.0 for Win7
• IronPython Ver. 2.7.3
• PyVISA Ver.

2. Tektronix Dependency Firmware/Applications Version (These need to be installed by the End-user explictly):

• RealTime TekScope firmware: Ver. 10.3.0 and above.
• DPOJET application: Ver. 10.0.0 and above

3. Scope Requirements
• SAS Gen1 and Gen2 require DPO/DSA/MSO 12.5Ghz C/D models and above
• SAS Gen3 require DPO/DSA/MSO 20Ghz C/D models and above