The CAN and LIN Timing and Protocol Decode Software is compatible with the following instruments: Product Firmware-Version ======== ================== TDS5104B 2.0.8 or later TDS5054B 2.0.8 or later TDS5054BE 2.0.8 or later TDS5034B 2.0.8 or later TDS5052B 2.0.8 or later TDS5032B 2.0.8 or later TDS7154B 5.1.1 or later TDS7254B 5.1.1 or later TDS7404B 5.1.1 or later TDS7704B 5.1.1 or later TDS7054 2.5.5 or later TDS7104 2.5.5 or later DPO7000 series 3.0.0 or later DPO/DSA 70000 series 3.0.0 or later DPO/MSO 5000 series 5.3.95 or later - Sun Microsystems' Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.4.2_04 is required for this release; it will automatically be installed with TDSVNM if it is not already present on your oscilloscope. If the JRE is deleted, restore it through the TDSVNM installation. - TekScope firmware updates can be downloaded from the Tektronix website at Under the 'Resources' group, click 'Software and Drivers.' - The TDSVNM application requires 512MB of windows system memory. - Disk space requirements: ~175MB of free disk space to install and operate the application. - ATM-1 is the trigger module that can be used with this software for CAN bus triggering. - Either ATM-1 trigger module or ‘LSA1: CANbus Trigger’ option on DPO series Oscilloscopes is required to trigger on CAN message. - Keyboard: Save/Recall features require the use of a keyboard to enter file or folder names - Mouse: Though a mouse is not required, we recommend its use with this application. - The best MS Windows(TM) task bar settings for running this application with a mouse (without a keyboard) is: Always on top = selected Auto Hide = selected