a) Ensure that all the required instruments are properly warmed up, Signal Path Compensation (SPC) is performed, followed by calibration and cable Deskew.
b) It is highly recommended to read MOST MOI before you click "RUN
c) Ensure that the following softwares are installed in your system:
--Tekscope (v6.8.0 onwards on Win 7 scope)
--Tektronix Jitter and Eye Diagram tool (Version 6.1.0 onwards on Win 7 scope)
d) MOST Essentials is supported only on 64 bit Win7 Oscilloscopes

Following recommendation to avoid any issues while running the tests:
a) Please use record length greater than or equal to 1M for running DDJ and TJ measurements
b) Always run the OS and US Measurement.exe before running the setup file for MOST150-SP2 testpoint.