This is the readme for KI6220.exe 2.7

Install Directions:

-If you do not already have NI-VISA Runtime installed,
run visa301runtime.exe in the NI-VISA Runtime folder for all installations.
The VISA software supplied with this software is Copyright (c) 2001-2004
National Instruments Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

-Run the Setup.exe file in the Installer directory of your CD, or the
6220_web_release2.exe from the website. This will create all necessary shortcuts.
Now you can run KI6220.exe from the start menu.


-IF the user interface appears misshaped, the problem is related to default font
settings. Try copying the 6220Example.ini file from the /data/ directory and using
it to replace the 6220Example.ini file in the main directory with the
6220Example.exe executable application file.

-IF you have difficulty connecting to an instrument over Ethernet make sure the
NIC (network interface card #) is correct and try a direct connect using the
cross-over cable. In this configuration make sure the SUB-NET MASKS and GATEWAYS
are the same between the pc and the instrument and make sure the IP addresses only
differ in the last 3 digit number.

-If you have difficulty connecting over NI-GPIB use the NI tools to communicate
directly between the GPIB card and instrument. Make sure to use the correct GPIB
board number as it appears in NI MAX. Also verify that the instrument is set on
the correct address and is in GPIB mode before testing with the software.

-If you have a CEC GPIB card, and have not used LabVIEW or LabVIEW run-time programs
before, the 6220/6221 example software may have trouble locating the GPIB card
hardware. Performing a search on for "cec 488" and selecting the
SOFTWARE DRIVERS link from the search results will bring up the following documents:
-Using Keithley GPIB cards with LabVIEW or LabWindows/CVI
This PDF file explains the process for adding LabVIEW support for your CEC card
-CEC488 Driver Files (ver 6.03) and Test Utilities for GPIB Interface Cards (788 Kb)
download and run this installer. Be sure to check the box for NI
Compatibility to add the LabVIEW support

** NOTE: installation of the NI Compatibility for the CEC card may cause problems
in computers that have both NI and CEC GPIB cards installed - if this is the case,
use the installed NI card to connect to the 6220 or 6221. Using the NI Compatibility
for the CEC card to allow it to control the 622X will require that all LabVIEW
programs make use of the CEC card rather than the NI GPIB card for communication
with instruments**

**Release Notes for ver 2.7 (changes from ver 2.4)

-The arb upload was changed to increase upload speed. Also, ARB waveforms are sent
including any offset, rather than separating any offset out to be treated as a DC
component. This enables easy amplitude scaling once uploaded.

-The pulse sweeps have changed. Log sweeps now are set to auto range. a 6ms error in
setting the pulse interval has been corrected. Power measurements are no longer
displayed when the "OFF" current is non-zero, since these calculations cannot be
guaranteed to be correct.

-The DC sweep now auto ranges the source when in Log mode.

-Some updates have been made to the setup wizards and other areas to repair small bugs.

For further assistance call Keithley Instruments toll free at 800-552-1115 or log on to and click contact us to reach applications support via the web.

NI-VISA, NI-MAX, and LabVIEW are Copyright 2004 National Instruments Corporation. All Rights Reserved