Customer Release Notes for Tektronix TekAUDIT SW Update Utility

“Automated Updates Delivery & Installation Tool”

Version: 10.5.4
Last Revised: 14 February 2017

Compatible Product(s): DPO7054C, DPO70404C, DPO70604C, DPO70804C, DPO7104C,
DPO71254C, DPO71604C, DPO72004C, DPO7254C, DPO7354C, DSA70404C, DSA70604C,
DSA70804C, DSA71254C, DSA71604C, DSA72004C, MSO70404C, MSO70604C, MSO70804C,
MSO71254C, MSO71604C, MSO72004C, DPO5034, DPO5054, DPO5104, DPO5204, MSO5034,
MSO5054, MSO5104, MSO5204, DPO5034B, DPO5054B, DPO5104B, DPO5204B, MSO5034B,
MSO5054B, MSO5104B, MSO5204B, DPO72504D, DPO73304D, DSA72504D, DSA73304D,
DPO72304DX, DPO72504DX, DPO73304DX, MSO72304DX, MSO72504DX, MSO73304DX

Software Description:
The Tektronix TekAUDIT SW Update Utility is intended to be used
for upgrading Tektronix SW running on Tektronix HW.

This utility can be downloaded as a single executable installation file
available from the web. This utility is used to update SW and firmware
running on Tektronix HW platforms with new versions as they are released
to the web.

This Utility is not designed to function as a diagnostic
aide and, it cannot be used to repair malfunctioning HW.
The fully functional instrument must be connected to the internet.
The instrument must be running Windows 7 (64 bit) OS and TekScope v6.8.1
or newer.

- GUI with Download, Install, Report buttons.
- Display of installed SW components.
- Managed components show current version, new version, Release Notes
and Installation dependencies.
- Progress bar and current operation status field.
- A user-configurable service designed to regularly check for new SW

Software Licenses:
Tektronix, Inc.

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