Product: CPHYXpress
Description: C-PHY Generation Software for AWG70000 series Waveform Generators
Version: v1.1.0
Date: Feb 2017

Operating System: Win7 64 bit
Supported Models: AWG70002A



CPHYXpress is a powerful and easy to use software package to synthesize waveforms
for C-PHY, which is one of High Speed Serial Interface under MIPI? Alliance.
This tool supports the creation of High Speed signal with various types of
jitter impairments. It also controls the creation of Low Power signals.

System Requirements

- The CPHYXpress setup must be installed on AWG70002A series of Waveform Generators

- This application software uses The MATLAB Component Runtime, V8.0 (Release 2012b)
for Windows 7(64 bit) from The MathWorks Inc.

- 3 GB of free disk space to install this application.

- CPHYXpress requires local admin privileges to install (though the application
itself will run in user mode).

- It may be necessary to configure file / folder properties to allow users
privileges to create and modify files. Consult the appropriate Microsoft
documentation for details.

- This software is intended to use with MDC 4500-4B setup.

Installation Notes

- This software is not intended for products running Windows XP/XP Embedded as well
as AWG5000 and AWG7000 series of Waveform Generators running Windows 7 on
32-bit operating systems.

Contents of the Distribution

The following applications are packaged as one single deployment package named
as C-PHYXpress_vxxx.exe, with 'xxx' representing the version number.

1) CPHYXpress application

3rd Party Software:
2) MATLAB Compiler Runtime v8.0 (64-bit)

Known limitation in this Version of software

1) Setup files (*.awgx) created using earlier beta versions may not be supported with this version.
2) VXI server should be in running state in both Master and Slave AWG.
3) Startup signal does not work in Manual mode
4) While compile huge waveforms for example PRBS18, 'Cancelling the progress' of
waveform compilation takes a long time.
5) Intermittent issue of a progress bar missing is seen in some scenarios during
which switching the plugins may be required.

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