README.TXT for TekExpress USB RMT for AWG Pattern files.

Product: TekExpress USB RMT AWG Patterns
Version: 2.2.0
Date : Dec, 2016

AWG Pattern Files:
1. These pattern files are needed to execute the USB RMT measurements. These patterns are compiled with sampling rate of 20Gsps and applicable for AWG7102 / AWG7122B / AWG7122C
2. After installing the "TekExpress_USB_RMT_AWG_Patterns" on AWG hard drive, the following folder are created:
ii C:\USBRMT\Autocal
3. For more details on the files deployed refer the XLS "C:\USBRMT\TekExpress_USBRMT_ReadMe_v2.2.0.xlsx"
4. This version of "USBRMT AWG patterns" will work with TekExpress USB RMT software with version