Product: Tektronix Report Generator Software for Optional Applications
Version: Web Release
Date: 20th Oct 2011

Installation instruction for TDS7000, TDS7000B, CSA7000, CSA7000B, TDS6000, TDS6000B, TDS6000C, DPO7000, DPO7000C, DPO/DSA70000,
DPO/DSA70000B, DPO/DSA70000C, DPO/MSO5000, MSO70000 and MSO70000C series oscilloscopes

1. Connect the oscilloscope instrument to Internet.

2. Download Report Generator Web Release file directly to your instrument.

3. Locate the downloaded file, either in the directory it was downloaded
into from the Internet or on the CD/DVD. Launch the downloaded file to start
the installation program. Follow the on-screen directions.

4. When the Report Generator installation completes, it will prompt to exit and relaunch the TekScope application.

6. The Report Generator application is ready for use after TekScope launch and exit. Start the application by
using any supported optional application like DPOPWR, TDSET3 etc..from menu selection on the TekScope menu.

7. The oscilloscope firmware version required for this release
are as below:

Model Number Firmware

DPO7000, DPO/DSA70000/B/C and V5.3.1 and above
MSO70000/C series with Win XP and
Win XPe Operating System

DPO/MSO5000 with Win 7 Operating V6.2.0 and above

DPO7000C, DPO/DSA70000C, MSO70000C V6.2.0 and above
series with Win 7 Operating System

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