* Tektronix ArbExpress Application Software Release Notes *

Product: Tektronix ArbExpress Application Software
Version: 3.4
Last Revised: 15,Mar, 2016

Contents of these release notes:

1) Description
2) Target Platforms
3) What's new?
4) Known Issues
5) Software Compatibility
6) Installation Issues
7) Viewing Sample Files
8) Contacting Tektronix

* Description *

Tektronix ArbExpress is an application for creating waveforms for
Tektronix's signal sources. It allows you to create and edit waveforms,
transfer waveforms to and from Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG),
and Arbitrary/Function Generators (AFG), and remotely control AWGs and AFGs.
You can import waveforms from Tektronix oscilloscopes and convert them to AWG/AFG file formats.

ArbExpress supports generating the following standard waveforms:
- Sine, Square, Triangle, Pulse, DC, Exponential Rise, Exponential Decay,
Noise, Sinc, Sweep, Multi-Tone, and Lorentz.

* Target Platforms *

ArbExpress is PC-based software that runs on the following platforms:

Windows 7 Enterprise
Windows XP Professional
Windows 2000
Windows NT
Windows 98\Me
* What's new in v3.4 *

1. Add support to MDO4KC series oscilloscopes.
2. Add support to AWG4162.

* What's new in v3.1? *

1. Add support to MDO3K series oscilloscopes.

* What's new in v3.0? *

1. Improve waveform transferring to dual channel AFG’s
2. Add support to Tektronix MDO4K and TBS1K series oscilloscopes
3. Improve compatibility to different VISA’s

* What's new in v2.9? *
1. Support Windows 7 Enterprise platform.

* What's new in v2.8? *

1. Support new AFG3011C/3021C/3022C/3101C/3051C/3052C/3102C/3102CGSA/3251C/3252C/3252CGSA model.

* What's new in v2.7? *

1. Support new AFG2021 model.
* What's new in v2.6? *

1. Support for AWG5000C and AWG7000C models in Continuous Mode.

* What's new in v2.5? *

1. Support for AWG5000/5000B and AWG7000/7000B models in Continuous Mode.

* What's new in v2.4? *

1. Support for new AFG3011 model.

* What's new in v2.3? *

1. Support new AFG3021B and AFG3022B models.
2. Now ArbExpress can import waveforms from the MSO series of Oscilloscopes.
2. Bug fix: Direct importing of data from DPO4000/7000 had problems. This has been fixed
3. Bug fix: Opening DPO4000/7000 files had problem. This has been fixed.
4. Bug fix: Incorrect data sent to AFG with csv file. This is fixed now.
5. Bug fix: Waveform generated for Exponential rise and decay was incorrect. This is fixed now.

* What's new in v2.2? *

1. Supports waveform import from new Tektronix Oscilloscopes.
2. Bug fix: Two header less csv files could not be opened in the same wave book.
This has been fixed now.
3. Bug fix: Transferring headerless csv file to instrument transfers the
waveform reduced by two points. This has been fixed.
4. Bug fix: Sometimes ArbExpress did not allow user to disconnect
the instrument once it was connected.
5. Bug fix: User could change the sampling rate for AFG3000 using waveform properties.
Now sampling rate combo box is now disabled.
6. Bug fix: Resolved discrepancy of Point draw interpolation mode selected
between toolbar and point draw table.
7. Bug fix: OLH had incorrect example for transferring file directly from Matlab environment.
8. Bug fix: Waveform got corrupted when transferring a waveform of maximum
record length to AFG300 instrument. This is fixed now.

* What's new in v2.1? *

1. Bug fix: AFG 3000 series instrument specification was incorrect.
In previous version while using standard waveform and Equation editor user was limited 16K.
2. Bug fix: Sometimes when acquiring waveform from TDS 3000 using "Import from scope"
dialog application might hang.
3. Bug fix: While saving AFG3000 *.tfw file application might create *.set file when the instrument
select is AWGxxx or AFG3xx or AWG2xxx.
4. Now ArbExpress can import waveforms from CSA7000 series of oscilloscopes.
5. When the File transfer dialog is opened for the first time the default folder is set to C:.
6. Bug fix: Change in the Control panel regional and language settings will not affect ArbExpress behavior.
7. Bug fix: Transferring file with extension .txt had issues, which has been fixed now.

* What's new in v2.0? *

1. Point draw mode - This feature enables you to create waveforms by entering waveform points
as time and amplitude data and to edit the waveform between selected points.
The software can connect the points via Linear, Smooth (Cubic Spline) and Staircase algorithms.
2. Supports waveform import from TDS5K, 6K and 7K Oscilloscopes.
3. Supports AFG3000 Series of Arbitrary/Function Generators.
4. Remembers the last selected instrument (AWG/AFG).
5. Resampling - Waveform can be resampled using Linear and Sinc algorithms.
6. Shift/Rotate - Waveform can be shifted or rotated within cursors.
7. Scope acquisition wizard has been added, which enables user to import waveform from
Tektronix Oscilloscopes more conveniently.
8. Access to multiple waveform properties from Equation editor and Standard waveform dialog boxes.
9. Increased number of zoom levels in Wavebook window.

* Changes in v1.1 *

1. Create and Delete folders/Files in the remote instrument explorer view.
2. Validation of Waveform before sending the waveform to the instrument connected.
3. Complimentary channels will also be enabled at the end of file transfer.
4. Waveform can be sent directly from Equation editor to the instrument similar to
the feature available in the standard waveform.
5. Ten most recently used IP addresses will be remembered with Instrument name.
6. In File transfer and control dialog, last selected path will be remembered in the PC explorer view.
7. Offset is added between the waveform and boundary of waveform display.
8. Added more sample files in the sample directory.

* Known Issues *

File Transfer and Control Refresh - To display the active list of instruments,
refresh from application will not refresh TekVisa. TekVisa has to be refreshed by right clicking
and selecting Refresh option on the system tray TekVisa icon.

Normalization - All waveforms when transferred to AFG300/AFG3000 or saved as *.tfw
will be normalized automatically.

Pasting non-textual objects in Equation Editor - Pasting any non-textual objects may
cause an exception which can be ignored.

AWG gets into busy mode - Sometimes AWG may not respond when file transfer
through LAN is aborted. You may have to restart the instrument.

Saving AWG2000 files - While saving AWG2000 files, normalization has to be selected
for saving the waveform without getting truncated.

Equation Editor only supports AWG2000 series text file formats.

Using NI Visa ArbExpress may not work as expected if NI Visa is installed without uninstalling TekVisa.
Uninstall TekVisa completely before installing NI Visa.

Waveform Properties - When invoked from Standard waveform and Equation editor then
"Active Waveform" tab will be disabled.

Application will not generate AFG3000 series setup file *.tfs.

Using TekVisa the connections of multiple instruments via USB might fail without notification.

The connection of AFG3000 Series via USB may drop over time.

ArbExpress requires AWG500 with V3.0 or higher version.

ArbExpress supports only VXI-11 server connections for AWG5K and AWG 7K
series instruments for LAN support.

ArExpress may create and transfer waveforms above 32M if sufficient
memory is available in free store.

* Software Compatibility *

The following table shows the individual components of the Tektronix ArbExpress Application
Software and their respective version numbers.
Also shown are the other major ArbExpress software components that are external to
the ArbExpress Application Software (i.e. installed separately).

ArbExpress TekVisa Microsoft .NET Framework
3.4 3.5SP1
3.1 3.5SP1
3.0 3.5SP1
2.9 3.5SP1
2.8 1.1
2.7 1.1
2.6 1.1
2.5 1.1
2.4 3.3.0.Build 14 1.1
2.3 3.02 build 33 1.1
2.2 3.0 Build 7 1.1
2.1 2.03 Build 97 1.1
2.0 2.03 1.1
1.1 2.01 1.1
1.0 2.01 1.1

* Installation Notes *

You need to have administrator privileges to install Tektronix ArbExpress software in your system.
The Installation program will display a warning message if you do not have administrator privileges.
If you proceed by ignoring this warning, the application may not install properly.

If you have not installed TekVisa or above and .Net Framework 1.1 or above then
the ArbExpress installation program detects and prompts the user to install the above mentioned software at the end of the installation.

If you want to reinstall your Tektronix ArbExpress application software, you must first remove the existing software.
You can uninstall the software by going to Control Panel > Add Remove Programs and selecting Tektronix ArbExpress.

If a failure occurs at any point during the installation of Tektronix ArbExpress,
the installer will not perform a complete uninstall. For this reason, it is important not to pre-maturely
close the installer application by clicking on its close box in the upper-right corner of the
background window; the installer will automatically close the background window.

For details regarding the installation and use of ArbExpress software, refer to the ArbExpress Installation Manual.pdf file.

* Viewing Sample Files *

The installation program will copy several ArbExpress sample files onto the target folder.
You can open this folder through the shortcut menu Start > Programs > Tektronix ArbExpress > Samples.
Under this folder, there will be two sub folders viz. Equations and Waveforms.
The Equations folder contains a few sample equation files which can be opened from the Equation Editor.
The Waveforms folder contains a few sample files that can be opened in the ArbExpress Application.

* Tools *

The installation program will copy Matlab-AWG connectivity files onto the target folder.
You can open this folder through the shortcut menu Start > Programs > Tektronix ArbExpress > Tools > Matlab.

* Contacting Tektronix *

If you have any questions, please contact the Tektronix Technical Support Center:

Phone 1-800-833-9200*
Address Tektronix, Inc.
14200 SW Karl Braun Drive
P.O. Box 500
Beaverton, OR, 97077

Web site www.tek.com

Sales support 1-800-833-9200, select option 1*

Service support 1-800-833-9200, select option 2*

Technical Support Email: [email protected]
1-800-833-9200, select option 3*
6:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time
* This number is toll free in North America. After office hours, please leave a voice mail message.
Outside North America, contact a Tektronix sales office or distributor; see the Tektronix web site for a list of offices.