Customer Release Notes for DDR Analysis
Product : DDR Analysis
Version : 10.1.1
Platform : Win7
Last Revised: January, 2017
Contents of this Readme file:
1. DDR Analysis Overview
2. What is New in this Release
3. System Requirements
4. Known Limitations / Problems
5. Notes
6. Contacting Tektronix
1. DDR Analysis Overview

DDR Analysis is a standard specific solution tool for
Tektronix Performance Digital Oscilloscopes
(DPO/DSA/MSO 5K/7K/70K B/C/D/DX series). DDR Analysis
requires Jitter and Eye Diagram Analysis Tool (Opt.DJA)
and the advanced Search and Mark capability (Opt. ASM).

2. What is New in this release

This release includes the following major features compared to DDRA build 10.1.1 released in September 2016
a. Address command setup and hold derated measurements are added to DDR4.
b. Different log messages are added in case of LPDDR4(x) ASM algorithm to facilitate the user to easily identify the configuration mismatch.
c. For DDR4 Read/Write measurements, Vih/Vil values are shown interms of VdIVW, TdIVW and Vcent values.
d. Back to back burst detection algorithm for DDR3, DDR3L and DDR4 generations.
e. For custom datarates, the limit files are retained even after changing the measurement type.

For more detailed information of DDRA features please refer Online Help.

3. System Requirements

To use the DDRA application Opt. ASM (Advanced Search and
Mark Tool) and DPOJET Advanced (Opt. DJA) are required.

4. Known Limitations / Problems

- For some of the DDRA measurement names, the measurement name reflected in DPOJET plots-panel is standard DPOJET measurement name instead of DDRA standard specific name. The measurement names in results and report are not consistent.

- DDRA application needs to be re-installed after the installation of TekScope.

- For LPDDR4 ASM to work, atleast one isolated burst should be present in the entire acqusition.

- In some scenario, the algorithm may not distinguish properly between WRITE bursts and READ bursts with toggle preamble and extended postamble.

- A setup file created after modifying the source reference level from absolute values to percentage, will not be recalled correctly.

5. Notes

- The DDRA installer will copy all the filter files present in 'C:\Users\Public\Filters' to 'C:\Users\Public\Filters_Backup'

- The tekscope has to be relaunched for the changes in filter.xml to take effect

- Ensure that there is a valid waveform on Math before clicking on Single or Run button

6. Contacting Tektronix

Tektronix, Inc.
14150 SW Karl Braun Drive
P.O. Box 500
Beaverton, OR 97077

For product information, sales, service, and technical support:
In North America, call 1-800-833-9200.
Worldwide, visit www.tektronix.com to find contacts in your area.