OFDM Plug-in Customer Release Notes

Version: 2.0
Last Revised: Feb 02, 2017
Product: OFDM Plug-in

OFDM is a plug-in that can be installed on a PC which has SourceXpress application or on AWG 70000 series instrument with v5.3 or later. Once installed, this plug-in integrates and operates seamlessly with SourceXpress or AWG 70000 series user and programmer interfaces. This plug-in lets you
• Configure and create complete multiple OFDM Frames with Preamble, Header and Payload.
• Preset for Standard compliant Frames for various wireless standards like Wi-Fi, WiMAX
• Define Frame with Preamble, Header and Payload selectively to simulate different OFDM signals.
• Configure Symbols with Data, Pilot and Guard sub carriers with different base pattern type, amplitude profile and phase offsets.
• Subcarrier Modulation Formats including BPSK, QPSK, QAM (16, 32, 64, 256, 512, 1024), and 8-PSK.
• Add Impairments such as Phase Noise, Multipath to simulate realistic propagation scenarios.
• Define Frequency Hopping and Gated Noise to simulate practical environment for receiver testing.
• Allows user to emulate channels using S-Parameter files and observe impact on the waveform.

Version 2.0 Release Description

Initial Release

Target Platforms

OFDM plug-in runs with SourceXpress on PC or on AWG 70000 instrument. The following operating systems are supported:
• Windows 7 (64-bit)
• Windows 8 (64-bit)
• Windows 10 (64-bit)


• Microsoft .NET 4.5 runtime framework
• This plug-in will integrate with v5.3 of the SourceXpress PC application and v5.3 AWG instrument firmware. Go to http://www.tek.com/signal-generator/awg70000-arbitrary-waveform-generator to download the latest AWG70000 firmware. Go to http://www.tek.com/sourcexpress to download the latest SourceXpress software.
• TekVISA v4.0.4.2 is required to communicate with SourceXpress via PI commands; Go to www.tek.com to download the compatible version of TekVISA.
• In order to compile the waveforms from this plug-in, an OFDM license must be purchased and enabled on SourceXpress or AWG 70000 series instrument. To use S-Parameter feature, S-Parameter license must be purchased separately and enabled on SourceXpress or AWG 70000 series instrument. Trial license can be downloaded or ordered from Tektronix website.

Product Upgrades

From time to time Tektronix releases new versions of the product software or optional application software. Customers can download these from the Tektronix web site at http://www.tek.com/signal-generator/awg70000-arbitrary-waveform-generator under the Software Packages tab and Plug-ins tab.

Contacting Tektronix

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