README.TXT for TekExpress D-PHY (Ver. 10.0.0).

1. Introduction
2. Features
3. TekExpress D-PHY created changes on your system.
4. Before you click "RUN"
5. Supported Test Suites
6. Known Limitations
6.1 Installer related limitation
6.2 TekExpress application related limitation
6.3 D-PHY application related limitation
1. Introduction

The Opt. D-PHYTX (D-PHY Automation Solution), supported on DPO7000/C and DPO/DSA/
MSO70000/B/C/D/DX/SX models(Do not support two stack), includes TekExpress automated software (TekExpress D-PHY)
for testing D-PHY
physical layer.

TekExpress D-PHY is an automated test system for testing the D-PHY compliance/
conformance and characterization.

The Installation manual contains the procedure for installation and the online help
file included with the software contains the detailed information on how to use the
system. This Readme.txt file contains additional information for the user.
2. Features

-DUT Max HS Rate feature included
-Support for stand alone SX Model scopes

- Support for Group 6 measurements
- Support for waveforms with HS-LP-ULPS signals in single waveform
- Support for P7313 probe
- Fixes for few issues in earlier version/release

Previous Release
- 100% Test coverage: 49 conformance tests.
- Automated Multi lane suppport using RF switch
- Support for CTS v1.1 Spec v1.0, CTS v1.1 Spec v1.1 and CTS v1.2 Spec v1.2
- Temperature Chamber Testing: Automated setup with Standard Filter Files
- Probing: Flexible setup using Differential, Trimodes or Single-Ended probes
- Fix for the webinstaller defect
- Fix for some of the measurements to make them more robust than earlier release

3. TekExpress D-PHY created changes on your system.
After first launch of "TekExpress D-PHY.exe" following changes take place in your
a) "My TekExpress" folder is created under "My Documents" folder of current user
NOTE: If a user with new login ID launches "TekExpress D-PHY.exe",
"My TekExpress" folder is created under "My Documents" of the new user.
b) "D-PHY" folder is created under "My TekExpress" folder
c) "Untitled Session" folder is created under "D-PHY" folder, note that
everytime "TekExpress D-PHY.exe" is launched "Untitled Session" folder is
created under "D-PHY" folder and will be deleted after proper termination
of application.
d) If user saves a session in TekExpress D-PHY all session files are saved
under "D-PHY" folder. Note that each session has multiple files associated
with it and do not tamper with any of the session file(s) and/or folder(s)
this may result in loss of data or corrupted session files.
4. Before you click "RUN"
NOTE. Ensure that the network connectivity is enabled on the PC running the TekExpress
a) Map the shared My TekExpress folder as X: (X drive) on all the instruments used in
test setup running Microsoft Windows Operating System. This share folder is used to
save the waveform files or any other file transfer operations.
b) Right click on the My TekExpress folder and open the Properties dialog box.
Select General tab and then Advanced. In the Advanced Attributes window, ensure
that the option Encrypt contents to secure data is NOT selected.
c) Ensure that all the required instruments are properly warmed up, Signal Path
Compensation (SPC) is performed, followed by calibration and cable deskew.
d) It is highly recommended to read Troubleshooting section in OLH before you
click "RUN"
e) Ensure that the following softwares are installed in your system.
Microsoft Excel 2002 or above.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 or later.
Microsoft Photo Editor 3.0 or equivalent software for image files viewing.

5. Supported Test Suites
Following test suites are supported by this version of TekExpress D-PHY:
D-PHY PHY layer Tests
6. Known Limitations

6.1 Installer related limitation
a) Installation of TekExpress and other software are installed on C: only.
b) User need to have administrative privilege while installing the application

6.2 TekExpress application related limitation
a) If Microsoft .Net 1.1 (Hotfix) is installed then TekExpress application is
observed to close prematurely after displaying the splash-screen. User is
suggested to un-install Microsoft .Net 1.1 (Hotfix); TekExpress requires
Microsoft .Net 3.5 for executing the application.
b) User needs to have administrative privilege while launching the application
first time.
c) User needs to have administrative privilege while running the tests.
d) Test will be started only when all the instruments are available.
e) If MS Excel is not installed then reports are not generated after completion
of test.
f) This version of TekExpress is qualified with TekVisa shipped along with
install DVD.
- It is recommended to use this version of TekExpress with TekVisa 3.3
- If you intend to install TekExpress on Tek-instrument with an earlier version of
TekVisa then it is recommended to install TekVisa 3.3 on Tek-instrument.
g) The application is best viewed in super VGA resolution or higher video adapter
(800x600 minimum video resolution for small fonts or 1024x768 minimum video
resolution for large fonts) with 96 dpi display settings. If application is
running on instrument with lower resolution then it is recommended to use
secondary monitor (e.g. sampling scopes CSA/ TDS/ DSA 8200).
h) During test execution if user pauses the execution and makes any changes in
instrument setup, then it is important that user restores the instruments settings
to same state before clicking "resume".
i) DUT ID should have maximum of 32 Characters, even though field allows for more.
j) It is recommended to use a secondary monitor when the application is run on a
k) Switching between "Single Ended" to "Differential" to "Single Ended" option of
Clock Lane Probing will provide an Error Pop Up siting "Invalid Imput". This will
not have any impact on application like crash or Error. It is from TekExpress
Frame works.

6.3 D-PHY application related limitation

a) While running the tests, D-PHY application will go behind the scope during some of
the tests. User has to press Alt-Tab to bring the application to the front.
b) Reports will not be generated if the text in the comments tab of Measurement
Configuration Panel starts with "=".
c) Execution time in the Report for some of the tests may be shown as 0 min, if your
system is installed with Excel 2002, and has a build number less than 10.6854.6714.
d) For pre-recorded testing, only those sessions can be used in which the tests were
run automatic mode. Tests run in Manual mode cannot be used for pre-recorded
e) If a proper filter file is not chosen for temperature chamber testing and some
invalid value entered there, there will be an error message shown and measurements
will not proceed.
f) Manual mode testing and Temperature chamber testing are possible only in User
defined Mode. Please make sure that the User defined mode is selected before either
of the Manual mode or Temperature chamber testing is done.
e) If HS related measurements are done on signal which has ULPS-LP-HS sequence, it is
recommended to run the measurements in user-defined mode with appropriate trigger
settings and one measurement at a time.
f) In userdefined mode, changing Horizontal scale and Sampling rate at the same time
may set different record lenght. This is due to the interdependency between SR and
Horizontal scale