SPG8000A Series Master Sync / Clock Reference Generator

Release Notes


This document supports firmware version 3.0.1


Version 3.0.1 provides a fix for a GPS locking issue found in the Trimble GPS receiver firmware v1.03. This release can be installed on any SPG8000A product with PLD version 3.10 and upgrades the Trimble GPS receiver firmware from v1.03 to v1.04; a description of the GPS bug and a procedure for identifying whether your unit needs and can run this firmware is provided below.



The problem impacts Trimble GPS receiver version 3023 with GPS firmware version 1.03 (NOTE: this firmware is different from the system-level firmware). This issue can affect your broadcast by gradually decreasing the quality of GPS lock and, eventually, unlocking completely from GPS. When the problematic receivers are visible to the QZSS constellation, the GPS signal degrades and eventually unlocks. The problem only manifests itself in regions where 3 or more of Japan’s QZSS (Quasi-Zenith Satellite System) are simultaneously visible, which encompasses all of southeast and East Asia, Australia, India, and parts of central and northern Asia.



To install this firmware, the SPG8000A must be configured with GPS7 PLD version 3.10 and Trimble GPS firmware version 1.03. To determine whether the unit is upgradable with this firmware release via the front panel user interface, please follow these instructions:  

1)            Press the SYSTEM button

2)            Press the UP ARROW until the top line of the display is  “SYSTEM : VERSION INFO (H/W)”  be sure to get the “H/W” and not the “F/W” page

3)            Press the RIGHT ARROW once,  so then the bottom line of the display will vary some with version, but will be something like “V3.10 DO:40 BB:58 ID:3023 1.03”


On the display, “V3.10” is the PLD version, “3023” is the HW version of the GPS receiver, and “1.03” is the SW version.


HW 3023 and SW 1.03 has the problem and should be upgraded with 3.0.1 firmware if the PLD version is 3.10.

HW 3023 and SW 1.03 has the problem. If the PLD is version 3.9, firmware 3.0.1 will not fix the problem, and a hardware swap is necessary. This can be arranged by contacting Tektronix Video Support (videosupport@tektronix.com).

HW 3023 and SW 1.04 is OK and does not require any upgrades.


The instrument will reboot after the upgrade.  It is forced.  The upgrade may take up to 10 minutes.   After everything has be upgraded/rebooted please do a full power cycle after everything has settled.