WFM5200 Series Waveform Monitors and WVR5200 Series Waveform Rasterizers
Release Notes

This document supports software version 2.8.14.


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Contacting Tektronix

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This document describes the key features and known limitations for the following products with
software version 2.8.x. Some of these notes apply only to instruments with specific options
installed. A list of available instrument options is available at and in the
product User Manual, which is available for download at

- WFM5250 SDI/HDMI Waveform Monitor
- WVR5250 SDI/HDMI Waveform Rasterizer
- WFM5200 Waveform Monitor
- WVR5200 Waveform Rasterizer

New key features and benefits (version 2.8.x)

The following products with software version 2.8.x have these new key features and benefits:

WFM5250 and WVR5250
- Two HDMI-HDCP signal inputs with HDMI Status and EDID data display/download
- ATSC A/85 2013, also known as 1770-3 loudness preset

WFM5200 and WVR5200
- Stereoscopic 3D monitoring (Option S3D)
- ATSC A/85 2013, also known as 1770-3 loudness preset

For more information visit:

General limitations

This release has the following general limitations for all instrument models, unless otherwise
noted. Topics are listed in alphabetical order.

External reference
- The waveform display may take up to 10 seconds to stabilize with external Tri-level sync.

Frozen frame detection (WFM5250 and WVR5250 models only)
- Frozen Frames for HDMI 1080p 50/59.94 are calculated using odd lines on frame n and even
lines on frame n+1.

HDMI format (WFM5250 and WVR5250 models only)
- 480i and 576i formats are not officially supported for HDMI inputs.

Incompatible operation
- When applying 3 Gb/s signals to any instrument that does not support the signal formats,
the unit indicates that the signal input is not standard. Applying unsupported video signals
may result in a frozen PICT display.

Line select
- Internal reference should be used with line select operation for 3G-SDI Level A signals.

Remote web user interface
- When the external reference has Tri-level sync, the format readout from the remote web user
interface may not be reliable.

SDI output (WFM5250 and WVR5250 models only)
- SDI output in Pix monitor mode has no signal output when the input signal has a
480i/576i/480p/576p and 640 x 480 format through an HDMI input.

- The waveform style must be set to Overlay to get 2 line or 2 field sweep.

- Always press the MAIN button and select USB Status to safely Unmount and remove the USB
memory device from the USB port. You risk permanent loss of any files saved on the USB device
if you do not use the Unmount feature.

- If there are more than 32 files saved in a Presets directory on the USB device, you can
only view the first 32 files.

Waveform mode cursor for XYZ color space
- The voltage cursors are given in millivolt scale, but the XYZ color space is referenced in
hex scale. To see the values for 000 to FFF, change the graticule settings to max and percent.

Web browser
- The Web browser applet will not resize when running in some versions of the Netscape browser
and in some non-Windows Operating Systems (for example, Solaris).

- We recommend using Java Runtime Engine (JRE) version 1.6 or above.

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