Version: [1.24]
Last Revised: [10/19/2016]
Products: This firmware supports all MDO3000 series oscilloscopes.

v1.24 10/19/2016
New Features:
- CAN FD support added to MDO3AUTO

- Expanded decode event table from 800 to 4000 maximum entries

Defects Fixed:
- Fix issue with file download in e*Scope
- Fix issue with CAN number of data bytes not being limited to actual
number of supported bytes based on selected Trigger When condition
- Fixed an issue where old waveform data is not cleared after
a Default Setup
- Fixed an issue where histogram on math is reset when stopped
- Fix a case where CAN Missing Ack at end of frame with an end of frame
error will trigger but does not decode or search
- Fix .CSV timestamp resolution for large records
- Fix case where changes to horizontal scale when stopped and using
large records would result in the waveform being cleared on screen
- Fix a case where scope would transition to PreVu when entering zoom
mode after running for a long period of time
- Fix a case where loading setups with screen cursors on may result
in an error reported from processing the setup file
- Fix a case where, in some settings, waveforms would appear in dots only
- Fix an issue with USB bus CRC calculation for a zero length data packet

v1.22 3/30/2016
- Added control for readout transparency

Defects Fixed:
- Fixed an issue with CAN bus and zoom with large numbers of packets
resulting in slow performance for pan across record
- Fix an issue where DVM DC Autorange would not settle properly
- Fixed "flicker" between RF manual and peak markers when they
- Fixed an issue with manual markers not displaying in the correct
location on Frequeny Domain Reference waveforms
- Fixed an issue with Peak markers not working if Stop Frequency was
greater than maximum frequency range
- Fixed an issue with recalling Frequeny Domain Reference waveforms
not drawing in the correct position
- Fixed an issue with channel 4 waveforms saving to Reference when
saving after a single sequence acquisition
- Fixed issue with frequency domain math waveforms being improperly
converted to dBm during save to .csv files
- Fixed issue with Save All with multiple frequency domain traces
causing overwritten data values
- Improved save operation where frequency domain waveforms are
- Fixed a case where frequency domain units did not match the saved
data by forcing all RF trace data to be saved as dBm
- Fixed an issue where RF saved setups would not properly recall
vertical units
- Fixed an issue with saved References not allowing very small
vertical scales
- Fixed a case where completing an acquisition with Roll Mode on
Long Records could result in the first portion of the waveform
being overwritten
- Fixed an issue with RMS measurement with vertical position moved
away from center screen
- Fixed an issue where measurements would not complete after undoing
an autoset
- Fixed an issue with NPULSECOUNT measurement type not counting
- Fixed an issue with immediate measurement on math when stopped
- Fixed a case where math units for absolute value were being cleared
- Fixed an issue with attachments for ePrint
- Fixed an issue with AC Coupled Trigger losing trigger with
vertical position changes
- Fixed an issue with a legacy command 'HARDCOPY STARt'
- Fixed an issue with where pan range was locked in zoom mode
- Fixed an issue where an Application Error could appear with Roll
Mode, 5M records, and HiRes acquisition modes. Under these
conditions, acquisition trigger mode is forced to Normal
- Fixed an issue with RF Pre-Amp always downloading cal constants
on attach
- Fixed an issue where RF Pre-Amp is in the wrong state on re-attach
- Fixed incorrect value displayed for digital sample rate
- Fixed an issue where Signal Path Compensation could fail if
run after Diagnostics. An instrument reboot is recommended after
running Diagnostics
- Improved edge trigger alignment for MagniVu on digital channels

Known Issues:
- Previewed spectrum data may save previewed header values instead of
acquired data. This can result in incorrect save file data.
To workaround: save frequency domain waveforms prior to
making changes to horizontal or vertical parameters

v1.20 5/13/2015
Defects Fixed:
- Fixed LIN packet ID decode with no data response.

v1.18 2/21/2015
- Moved acquire menu "Set Horizontal Position to" control to a side
bezel sub-menu and enabled setting horizontal position control via
front panel keypad

Defects Fixed:
- Fixed RF TIQ file download via e*Scope
- Fixed e*Scope pan issue by including a stop button for better
- Fixed a case where math units could get locked when switching
between RF and time domain acquisition modes
- Fixed a case where an error would be reported when a setup was
recalled using e*Scope or OpenChoice Desktop and a probe is attached
- Removed AFG keypad units selection for GHz and ps
- Improved instrument stability and signal path compensation (SPC)

v1.14 11/20/2014
New Features:
- Support for MDO3BND module

Defects Fixed:
- Fixed RF manual marker value readout when overlapped
- Fixed RF manual marker cross-hair limited to 8 vertical divisions
- Fixed an instrument crash in certain cases with RS232 packet decode
- Fixed a waveform display anomaly at the top of the screen
- Fixed readout for application module license transfer when module
license was already transferred to another scope
- Fixed printer list refresh when saving screen or network printing
with Ink Saver On
- Fixed incorrect Channel coupling after RF autoset
- Fixed a case where RF self-test might fail if an input signal is
- Fixed Acquisition self-test failures when scope record length was
previously set larger than 10k
- Improvements to signal path compensation (SPC)

v1.12 7/29/2014


- The minimized DVM readout is labeled DVM and is the color of the source

Defects Fixed:

- Fixed incorrect color on channels when stopped and trigger source changes
- Limit test following autoset can now be turned on
- RF detection method recalled correctly when recalling a setup file
- Fixed an Act-on-Event issue when Repeat is On and RF acquisition is active
- Fixed OPC completion issue when Act-on-Event is used
- Fixed TCP0020 bandwidth issue
- Fixed possible incorrect values from query of center frequency and span

v1.10 3/18/2014

Defects Fixed:

- Instrument now does an auto-reboot if the LCD fails to initialize

v1.08 2/25/2014

Defects Fixed:

- XY cursors now read correctly when YT overview or DVM is turned on
- DDU option now enables MDO3MSO, MDO3AFG, and MDO3SA options.
- Fixed false Self Test failure for triangle wave at extreme temperatures
- Network printing now works correctly
- Act on Event repeat count now updates correctly
- Fixed problems with loading/saving files from/to ARB slots and EMEM
- Recall setup in frequency domain correctly handles time-domain coupling
- Keypad works with digital thresholds
- Improved knob response in ARB menu
- DVM frequency readout shows correct number of digits
- Backlight timeout now set correctly after firmware upgrade
- Fixed various minor LXI compliance issues
- Minor InkSaver improvements

v1.02 1/10/2014

New features:

(This is a high-level list of features not available in the predecessor
products, the DPO/MSO3000 series. Some of these features require option
keys or application modules.)

- Spectrum Analyzer capability
- Integrated AFG with arbitrary waveform generation
- DVM (Digital VoltMeter) and frequency counter
- 10 million sample point record length
- FastAcq high-speed acquisition mode and color-graded display
- Dual edge trigger (either rising or falling edges)
- Supports low-capacitance passive probes (TPP0250, TPP0500B, TPP1000)
- Supports upgradable analog bandwidth
- USB serial trigger and bus decode
- Waveform histogram measurements
- Search/Mark table, exportable
- Act On Event: save/print/email after N number of trigger events
- Limit testing
- Custom mask testing
- Video Picture of NTSC and PAL signals
- Print to email-enabled printers
- Ability to disable I/O ports for security applications
- Ability to disable firmware upgrades