Version: [1.04]
Last Revised: [10/19/2016]
Products: This firmware supports all MDO4000C
series oscilloscopes.

v1.04 10/19/2016
New Features:
- CAN FD support added to DPO4AUTO and DPO4AUTOMAX

Defects Fixed:
- Fixed keyboard keymapping for delete, home, or end keys
- Fix issue with file download in e*Scope
- Fix issue with CAN number of data bytes not being limited to actual
number of supported bytes based on selected Trigger When condition
- Fixed an issue where histogram on math is reset when stopped
- Fixed an issue where measurements on RF vs. Time traces would
report an error
- Fix a case where CAN Missing Ack at end of frame with an end of frame
error will trigger but does not decode or search
- Fix .CSV timestamp resolution for large records
- Fix case where changes to horizontal scale when stopped and using
large records would result in the waveform being cleared on screen
- Fix a case where scope would transition to PreVu when entering zoom
mode after running for a long period of time
- Fix a case where loading setups with screen cursors on may result
in an error reported from processing the setup file
- Fix a case where, in some settings, waveforms would appear in dots only
- Fix an issue with USB bus CRC calculation for a zero length data packet

v1.02 10/30/2015

Defects Fixed:

- Fixed a case where incorrect channel waveform colors are displayed
at elevated temperatures.

v1.00 10/16/2015

Models supported:
- MDO4104C, MDO4054C, MDO4034C, MDO4024C

New features in MDO4000C Series:

(Only features that are not available on existing DPO4000B, MSO4000B,
or MDO4000B Series are listed. Some of these features require option
keys or application modules.)

- Integrated AFG with arbitrary waveform generation
- DVM (Digital VoltMeter) and frequency counter
- Ability to disable I/O ports for security applications
- Ability to disable firmware upgrades