Release Notes for the BERTScope USB 3.1 Receiver Test Automation Software

Product: BERTScope USB 3.1 Receiver Testing
Version: 1.1.1907
Date: 18-Feb-2015

1. Introduction
2. Resolved Issues
3. Unresolved Issues

1. Introduction

The BERTScope Receiver Test Automation Software runs on a Windows computer. The
software connects to the BERTScope test equipment via TCP/IP and provides a
remote control automation interface to perform automated BER testing.

Calibration Wizards automate the process of equipment and stressed eye
calibration. Calibration results are saved in a Microsoft Access database.

A Test Wizard automates the process of loopback initiation and BER testing.
Test results are stored in a Microsoft Access database and can be viewed as HTML
files or exported to CSV Files.


2. Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved in this release:

CR00501170 - USB 3.1 application Intel Israel Issue


3. Unresolved Issues

The following unresolved issues are known to exist in this release:

CR00427945 - Default calibration cannot be set via the PI if the name contains parenthesis
CR00414649 - App does not work with non-administrator accounts and possibly when user account control is on
CR00375007 - Database from previous installation not automatically transferred
CR00366928 - Alternate install path ignored
CR00366902 - PI Preferences not synchronized with UI if preference form is displayed
CR00366880 - Double-click on blank space (not on text) in calibrations row has no effect
CR00366878 - Start Connect IP Addresses not always synchronized with Preferences IP Addresses
CR00366873 - Default DPP/EYE cal fields allow garbage text entry
CR00366871 - Default DPP/EYE cal not reloaded when new preferences restored
CR00407906 - Cloud SW still measures bit 0 width twice during DPP cal
CR00407902 - Cloud SW Did Not Reset ED Clock Doubler

please contact the Tektronix Technical Support Center:
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Customers calling from outside the U.S. call 503-627-2400.