WaveStar™ for Oscilloscopes V3.0.0 Free, Unsupported



PLEASE NOTE: If you are installing this as an upgrade, you must

go through the installation process once to uninstall your

current version and a second time to install V3.0.0.


1.  Download the self-extracting executable file and save it to the folder of your choice (or use the default). Double-click on the downloaded executable file. Take note of the path being used for the extraction. When the files have been extracted, there will be a WaveStar\WSTRO folder in the folder used  for extraction. Browse to the <extraction folder path>\WaveStar\WSTRO folder and double-click on setup.exe to begin the installation.


2.  The installation wizard appears and will walk you through the rest of the installation process. Follow the instructions in the wizard.


3.  First time installation of the software, or as an upgrade, requires use of this keycode: WSTRO618650124. (Key code consists of 5 alpha characters followed by 9 numeric values.)