n++WaveStar for Oscilloscopes V3.0 Release Notes.



This new version of WaveStar:



1) Adds support for DPO7000 and DPO/DSA/MSO70000 Series Oscilloscopes.


2) Includes the latest version of TekVISA



Known Limitations:


1) This release of Wavestar requires TekVisa.


2) FastAcq Waveforms and WFMDB aquition mode Waveforms cannot be drawn

on a YT data sheet.


3) On TDS5000 series of Oscilloscopes, Hardcopy format other than "BMP"

not supported on NoteSheet.


4) YT data sheets do not properly display Eye diagrams.


5) Pre-defined standard masks cannot be dragged and dropped from the

CSA7000 series. The standard mask can be copied to a user mask and then

the user mask can be dragged and dropped.



6) Only those Open Windows Oscilloscopes with GPIB controller capabilities can

communicate with instruments connected to the oscilloscope by the GPIB connector.

If the Oscilloscope does not have the GPIB controller, Wavestar running on it will

not identify any other instruments residing on the GPIB bus. Refer to your user

manual or check with Tektronix customer service to find out if your instrument

supports this capability. If your oscilloscope does not have this ability, you can

still control other instruments over LAN, RS232 and on some models, USB-GPIB converters."



7) In order to properly install this product on your computer, you must

have the ability to update the Windows registry.  With most operating

systems, this means you must have Administrator permissions.


8) Older version of Wavestar and TekVISA must be uninstalled before installing this version.